Classic Coastal Design Ideas from Cottage & Bungalow

Middleton End Table

A classic coastal home invites you in with a warm, welcoming environment only to make you smile with its stylish beach-inspired charm. When it comes to creating classic coastal interiors, it's all about organic textures, seaside hues, and nautical touches. Here are some of our favorite pieces for getting the classic coastal look. A  one-of-a-kind … [Read more...]

Outfit the Perfect Guest Bedroom for Memorial Day

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

Memorial Day weekend is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. If you're getting ready to host guests at your coastal home or beach house, you can give your guest room a fresh update with new textiles and furniture pieces that make visitors feel even more at home. A woven, textured 100-percent-cotton coverlet like … [Read more...]

Double Springtime Flair with Tropical Colors

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

It's the season for colorful expression, so why hold back when it comes to your coastal decorations? This Spring, hot colors are in demand -- bright purples, unapologetic pinks, lime greens, and uplifting yellows are ruling interior design. Below are some of our most representative, tropical-inspired pieces. On the coast, we are constantly surrounded by … [Read more...]

Coastal Appeal with Neutral Beach Furniture

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

Neutral color schemes are not only peacefully serene, but they are the very colors we find naturally in coastal landscapes. From sandy beiges to ocean foam whites and driftwood browns, neutral hues can be transformative in setting the mood and transporting you to that breezy beach environment. These subtle yet soothing tones are particularly ideal for … [Read more...]

Decorate a Coastal Bookshelf for Spring

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

It's a picture we're all too familiar with -- rows upon rows of bookshelves stacked with dusty, redundant books no one's touched in years. When it comes time to decorate your own bookcases, naturally you want to approach things a little bit differently. And we're on board! Here are some ideas for stylishly decorating your coastal bookshelf for … [Read more...]