Design Your Outdoor Space with Cottage & Bungalow

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A proper outdoor space is a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy nature. After you put away your holiday decorations, prepare to bring in some cheerful Spring colors to celebrate the melting snow and rising temperatures. The 2015 Spring Pantone Color Report predicts a rise in cool, soft colors and understated pastels. Take a look at these Cottage & … [Read more...]

How to Achieve a Contemporary Coastal Style at Home

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The theme of coastal style is absolutely all about the ocean -- seashells, driftwood, nautical items, and more. The backdrop for coastal design is basic, simple, and neutral with an emphasis on natural materials. Accent colors are typically bright and deep, prints are bold, and light is utilized to keep everything airy and lively. To take your ocean oasis … [Read more...]

Create a Nautical Focal Point with Cottage and Bungalow Decor

pantone spring colors

Sometimes, a spot of color is all you need to create a focal point in your interior decor. This is especially true in coastal interiors where it's common to use more natural and neutral tones. Create a Nautical Focal Point Using Cottage and Bungalow Decor The following examples have been selected using a combination of nautical design accents for a … [Read more...]

Watch Out for Trends From the 2014 High Point Market

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High Point Market is, indeed, a high point for anyone interested in home design and furnishing trends. This year's market didn't disappoint and there were several trends that are easy to integrate in a coastal home decor. Refresh Your Interior With 3 Trends From the 2014 High Point Market Here are three trends C&B spotted at this year's fall High … [Read more...]

Create the Perfect Home Office with Cottage & Bungalow

Create the Perfect Home Office with Cottage & Bungalow

They say you shouldn't mix business and pleasure but we disagree. In fact, the best thing you can do for the inner-professional is surround it with stylish and unique furnishings via your home office decor. Create the Perfect Home Office with Cottage and Bungalow Cottage and Bungalow offers both contemporary and traditional furniture and home accents … [Read more...]