Don Your Best Outfit with Coastal Inspired Jewelry from Cottage & Bungalow

cottage and bungalow shawls

The summertime calendar fills up fast with garden parties, July 4 BBQs, annual seaside festivals, and family reunions. Rather than buying an outfit for each occasion, we recommend choosing a versatile outfit or two and using coastal inspired jewelry to dress them up or transition from daytime to nighttime wear. Coastal Inspired Jewelry for Your Summer … [Read more...]

Exfoliate & Recharge with the Sans Moisturizing Sugar Bath Scrub

cottage and bungalow-sugar scrub

It can take a while to really throw off those winter blues in order to don a more energized and vibrant You. That's why Cottage and Bungalow is so excited about Sans Moisturizing Sugar Bath Scrub. Sans Moisturizing Sugar Bath Scrub Yields Energized & Vibrant Skin Sugar scrubs are wonderful for every skin type because they gently exfoliate and … [Read more...]

Creating the Optimum Lighting with Cottage & Bungalow Floor Lamps

cottage and bungalow-glass funnel beaker lamp

It's easy to forget about lighting when you're redecorating a home. Wall colors, textiles, accessories - there are so many other fun things to purchase. However, without a thoughtful lighting plan, those aforementioned items will appear washed out or harshly shadowed, or your home can lack the right balance of task and decorative lighting. Tips for … [Read more...]

Summer at Grandma’s: Tips for Decorating a Little Girl’s Room

cottage and bungalow glencove daybed

Summers spent at Grandma's house is a special American tradition. They're even more special when you decorate a guest bedroom to suit a little girl's tastes. Tips For Creating Coastal Girl Rooms With Cottage & Bungalow Little girls want to be big girls, and the following items work for coastal girl rooms that are "grown-up" with just a hint of … [Read more...]

Pack for the Pool with Cottage & Bungalow this Summer

cottage and bungalow garden stripe tote

Planning a beach getaway this summer? Cottage & Bungalow has coastal accessories and bags for the whole family. From gender-neutral nautical themes to playful crab and fish prints, one bag per person will ensure your family has everything required for a full day in the sun, sand, and water. Coastal Accessories and Bags: It's As Easy as … [Read more...]