How to Decorate with Light, Airy White Beach Decor

cottage and bungalow farmhouse cabinet

If there's one shade that is consistently used in any classic coastal style design it is White. From white linens and upholstery, to cabinets, shelving and area rugs, white accessories and accents help to create the light and airy energy that coastal homes are known for. Use White Beach Decor to Enhance Classic Coastal Style There are a few tricks of … [Read more...]

Accentuate Your Beach Home with Shell Decor from Cottage & Bungalow

cottage and bungalow sand shells bath set

Seashells are one of the most universal elements in classic coastal designs. However, there's a fine line between shell collections that are kitschy dust collectors and those that truly enhance the home. Shell-Themed Beach  House Furniture Enhances Elegant Coastal Interiors One of the best ways to implement seashells without risking dust-ridden … [Read more...]

Create a Comfy Living Room Setting with Cottage & Bungalow

cottage and bungalow swedish bookcase

There are several design features that set beach house decor apart from other contemporary design motifs. If you're ready to revamp your living room decor, or your current beach house design needs a little updating, the following tips are tailored just for you. Tips For Designing Comfy Living Room Beach House Decor Add Plush, Bold Accents. Go bold … [Read more...]

Coastal, Nautical Style Must Haves for Your Classic Cottage Beach House

cottage and bungalow pauline table lamp

Whether you live close enough to the beach that you enjoy a clear view of the ocean, or you're creating classic coastal style in an inland home, there are a handful of must-have items required to complete the design you're going for. Use These 5 Essentials to Create Classic Coastal Style We recommend watching this Coastal Living video for more tips on … [Read more...]

Coastal Seating Options from Cottage & Bungalow to Complete Your Beach Cottage

cottage and bungalow carmel bar stool

Cozy beach cottages require comfortable and attractive seating areas. From conversation corners and reading nooks, to your living room entertainment area or a raised kitchen bar, Cottage and Bungalow has beach cottage furniture for every interior design. Use Beach Cottage Furniture for Comfortable Seating Let's start with the kitchen bar. Far from … [Read more...]