Give Your Classic Beach Cottage Style with Beachy, Ocean Hues

cottage and bungalow gustavia cabinet

The foundation of coastal decorating is formed by the color palette you select, and Coastal Living had some of their favorite designers assemble their favorite coastal paint color combinations. We've taken those suggestions and found furniture and accents from Cottage & Bungalow that will integrate specific colors into your coastal design. Coastal … [Read more...]

Cool, Serene Surroundings for the Coastal Pool Deck

cottage and bungalow spring lake chair

Most of the best summer days are spent completely outdoors. You and your crew can enjoy an entire day in the cool, serene surroundings of your pool deck. The key is to use beach house furniture and accessories that keep you comfortable without the need for unnecessary trips back to the house. Beach House Furniture & Accessories to Outfit Your Coastal … [Read more...]

Light Mexican Inspired Dishes for a Summer Day with Cottage & Bungalow

cottage and bungalow seashell stand

Here at Cottage & Bungalow, summer days are synonymous with good food. We love serving delicious meals on our stylish dishware and flatware. Light, flavorful Mexican dishes, served with ice cold drinks, are the perfect complement to your next summertime gathering. Use Playful Beach Glassware and Accessories For a Summertime Fiesta This Shrimp and … [Read more...]

Casual, Fun Seating & Comfy C&B Blankets Make for a Fun Night In

cottage and bungalow trimaran pouf

Sure your summer nights are filled with outdoor activities, taking advantage of warm, balmy temperatures. Even so, there are bound to be evenings when family and friends opt to spend a fun night in. Beach House Bedding and Furniture For Fun Nights Spent Indoors The following beach house bedding and furniture will make sure everyone has a cozy space to … [Read more...]

Makeover the Coastal Bathroom with Cottage & Bungalow

cottage and bungalow bath set napolean bee

Coastal bathroom decorations can take a small room - or a blah room - and transform it into a charming, attractive, and well-designed space. Have a bathroom you're ready to makeover? Take a look at the new decor available at Cottage & Bungalow. Design a Bathroom Makeover Using Coastal Bathroom Decorations. To start, we recommend freshening up your … [Read more...]