Welcome Spring with a Birdhouse Addition to the Garden

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

We talk quite a bit about "bringing things to life" via beach house garden decor - both inside and out. Sometimes, we're more literal than others, and such is the case when it comes to implementing birdhouses in your outdoor living areas. Bird Houses Bring Beach House Garden Decor to Life Bird houses are charming additions in their own right; they're … [Read more...]

Serene Coastal Porches Using Beach Style Creature Comforts

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

Your home's front porch is like the smile that welcomes guests, beckoning them to come and stay a while. It's also a place where members of your household can go to enjoy a quiet moment, relax, take an afternoon snooze or watch the sunset. For those reasons, we have plenty of ideas for furnishing your porch using cottage style outdoor furniture and … [Read more...]

Choose Airy Bedsheets for Warm Beach Nights

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

The change from spring to summer means it's also time to switch out those cozy flannel blankets and heavy comforters for lighter, airier options to keep you comfortable on warm beach nights. New Cottage and Bungalow Beach house Bedding for Your Sleeping Pleasure Good sleep is a must, and comfortable beds and bedding are a requirement for good sleep. … [Read more...]

High Point Trends

gold and black

The style spotters in the market resource guide tell us there are a lot of new trends in the market. The raw beauty of wood is in. Furniture makers are getting creative with wood and showing off their grains with new contrasts. Just look at what the craftsmen have done to this pecky cypress chests. Rich hues and pops of color are in, but to us sea … [Read more...]

High Point—Look What We Found!


You know you are in High Point when you see the office building in the shape of a dresser drawer --loose, unmatched socks and all. This continues to be the center of everything furniture and home décor! Look at what we found on our last trip there! Medusa Pendants The Medusa Pendant is new, and talk about art reflecting nature: this pendant echoes … [Read more...]