What to do on an Autumn Beach Retreat

beach scenery

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to plan a beach retreat, whether you go with your extended family or use it for a romantic getaway. As the summer crowds dissipate, beach-goers get to experience our coastline in a whole, new light. 3 Tips to Savor Coastal Living During Your Autumn Beach Retreat Whether you're planning a trip to the … [Read more...]

Pull a Room Together with the Right Indoor Outdoor Rug

area rugs

Area rugs serve a variety of purposes, especially as fall turns into winter. They add warmth -- both literally and figuratively -- to your living space, can serve as a sound buffer when used to top hard surface flooring and can also help pull a room's design together. And if you have a coastal home, or want to bring the coast home, the colors, patterns … [Read more...]

Bold Ideas for a Simple Coastal Living Room

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Coastal designs are always tranquil, soothing and comforting to look at. Even so, you can introduce a few bold accents, decor and design ideas to your living room without disrupting this relaxing synergy. A spot of color. The most obvious way to make a bold statement is by adding a spot of color to your living room. Break out a bit from traditional … [Read more...]

Showcase 2015 Spring Pantone Colors with Cottage and Bungalow

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This upcoming spring, you can expect to see a marked shift towards a cooler, softer color spectrum. Pale pastels and nature-inspired neutrals will soon take center stage in interior designs. Recently, there has been a growing urge to step away from technology, to disconnect and to give ourselves more time to enjoy the present. Therefore, you can … [Read more...]

Warm-up a Beach Cottage with New Linens This Winter


As it gets colder, we all start looking forward to cuddling up under a cozy comforter next to a roaring fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa in our hands. Every season, your bedroom should be the most comfortable, inviting and personalized room in your beach cottage, urban oasis or suburban abode. So, don't settle for bedding in a bag! We have some great … [Read more...]