Lounge the Way You Like: Arrangement for your Cuban Lounge Chair

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

Chaise lounges are one of the most luxurious furniture pieces you can add to your collection. They're a wonderful place to nap, read, relax or recuperate. The trick, however, is finding just the right way to incorporate a chaise lounge into your existing living room, bathroom, or sunroom design. Ideas for Decorative Chair Arrangement and Placement For … [Read more...]

Dine Al Fresco this Spring: Outdoor Tablescape Ideas

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

When it comes to hosting guests, the details are important. Hosting family and friends is a wonderful opportunity to get some decorating practice and make lasting memories in the process. The Cottage & Bungalow products shown below are perfect for arranging an attractive outdoor tablescape so you can flourish at your next gathering! Get the basics … [Read more...]

Beach Art & Coastal Art from Cottage & Bungalow


Ken Buckner, American painter and photographer, contributes timeless works of art that demonstrate the beauty of our natural environment. At Cottage & Bungalow, we love the way his works of art showcase pristine beauty and elegance, and so we now offer a large selection of high-quality prints of his photographs to grace your coastal home. There's … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Beach Cottage Style Curio Cabinet

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There is often a subtle difference between artsy, eclectic and fabulous and cluttered, messy and chaotic. Often, that difference is the right curio cabinet. A beach cottage style curio cabinet is an attractive addition to your interior decor on its own. It's specially-designed shelves and glass doors will transform curios and collectibles into artistic … [Read more...]

Displaying Your Beach Art Decor Elegantly

Source: Cottage and Bungalow

Creating a gallery in your home is a wonderful way to turn a bare wall into a delightful display of photos, art, or other treasures. Just like any decorative scheme, it requires thoughtfulness and a little bit of design know-how. Whether its shape, height, color, or subject, come up with a theme or strategy for creating a cohesive and beautifully … [Read more...]