Dress Up the Bay Windows in Your Coastal Home

bay windows

Bay windows are a beautiful architectural element found in many homes; however, it's often a nightmare to find the best type of treatment for these windows. In order to avoid this frustration, we've compiled some ideas on how to dress up your bay windows to make them a fabulous focal point in your home. For a dressier appeal that still … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Maximize Your Staycation


If you have your own private oasis, like a beach house or family property on the shores of the Lowcountry, then you can easily enjoy a staycation without leaving the comfort of your own home. Even if you're not in an exotic locale, taking a much needed reprieve from a stressful schedule doesn't have to mean spending a huge amount of money or traveling … [Read more...]

Enter to Win a Coastal Tablescape by Cottage & Bungalow

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With the simple mission of providing high-quality, one-of-a-kind home furnishing and accessories, Cottage & Bungalow has set itself apart as the one-stop online shop for coastal furnishing and décor of all varieties.  This goal of providing quality furniture and accessories is reflected in the recognition that Cottage & Bungalow has garnered from … [Read more...]

Keep a Piece of the Coast on Your Accent Tables


When it comes to the details of designing our prized coastal homes, we prefer not to overlook anything. We're constantly searching for the most fitting decorative pieces to give our beach home the ultimate feeling of style and comfort. We love to play with ocean textures -- featuring driftwood, sea-glass, seashells and more -- to add pizzazz and … [Read more...]

Tie Your Decor Together with Colors of the Sea


While we know that different regions have their own unique beach cultures, one aspect of shore life seemingly remains constant -- the colors. At Cottage & Bungalow, we constantly celebrate coastal living, and it wouldn't feel the same without our beloved coastal hues. When you're attempting to bring the coastline into a bland space, whether it be a … [Read more...]