How to Create Your Garden Oasis


Bring vivaciousness, color and stability to your backyard by incorporating unique design elements and furnishings to your outdoor space. With the right direction and furnishing, any outdoor space can be infused with the comfort and style of a coastal home. Follow these tips to make your backyard feel like your very own garden oasis: Grow plants … [Read more...]

Characterize a Beach Home with the Right Woven Rugs

woven rugs

Hard surface flooring is ideal for beach homes. It handles humidity, sand and the indoor/outdoor lifestyle coastal living is known for. Area rugs will also enhance your coastal decor, while simultaneously softening your step and warming floors during the cooler months. From rugs made from natural fibers to those featuring bright, vibrant colors and … [Read more...]

Coastal Living: Designing a Low Country Kitchen


With the right colors, textures and decorative accents, you can bring the invigorating beauty and tranquility of the coast home to create a kitchen that's warm and welcoming. Detailed below are some tips for achieving a beautiful low country-inspired kitchen, whether you're in a sky-rise or beach home. Opt for open shelving that will make kitchens feel … [Read more...]

Dress Up the Bay Windows in Your Coastal Home

bay windows

Bay windows are a beautiful architectural element found in many homes; however, it's often a nightmare to find the best type of treatment for these windows. In order to avoid this frustration, we've compiled some ideas on how to dress up your bay windows to make them a fabulous focal point in your home. For a dressier appeal that still … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Maximize Your Staycation


If you have your own private oasis, like a beach house or family property on the shores of the Lowcountry, then you can easily enjoy a staycation without leaving the comfort of your own home. Even if you're not in an exotic locale, taking a much needed reprieve from a stressful schedule doesn't have to mean spending a huge amount of money or traveling … [Read more...]