Add Character to a Coastal Home with a New, Unique Kitchen Islands

kitchen island

Kitchen islands are the mainstay of a true cook's kitchen. They provide a space to chop, blend, roll and mix your culinary creations. While functionality is important, there needs to be a little style too. For that reason, we appreciate kitchen island designs that take both form and function into mind. Soon enough, your island structure will look as … [Read more...]

Welcome Fall with a Harvest Party

pumpkin punch bowl

A long weekend filled with BBQ parties can have an almost melancholy feel about it. With summer coming to a close in the coming days, why not add some autumn spark to your coastal lifestyle with a "Welcome Fall" harvest party? Since you've worked so hard to incorporate elements of the outdoors into your decor, your beach house will lend itself very … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Bring Autumnal Style into Your Home

living room

Autumn is one of our favorite seasons here on the coast. We savor the arrival of warm days, the cool, crisp nights and the deeper oceanic hues of fall lighting. You can bring autumn style to your clients' homes with ideas that go beyond placing a typical pumpkin on their porch. Hang art with the colors of fall. Deepen the effects of fall decorating by … [Read more...]

View Cottage & Bungalow’s Feature in House Beautiful and Elle Decor

Check out Cottage & Bungalow's hottest products in Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

Coastal decor isn't exclusively a coastal phenomena. Many homeowners, from the deserts of Arizona to the Great Plains of the Midwest, appreciate the look and feel coastal design brings to their home. A number of the nation's top interior designers use products and furnishings from Cottage & Bungalow to bring the essence of the coast to their … [Read more...]

Designing a Classic Cottage Fit for the Times

living room

For many of us, a classic cottage is the ideal getaway. Every last detail, from the light fixtures and color schemes to the furnishings and accents, should be carefully selected. As This Old House says, a cottage should be "more infused with spirit than put together according to a set of rules." We couldn't agree more. Here are some ideas for designing … [Read more...]