Gorgeous Paint Color Ideas for Your Coastal Bedroom

beach bedroom color ideas

There’s nothing like waking up in the bedroom of your coastal home. The sound of the breeze against your windows and, if you sleep with your windows open, the salty, relaxing smell of ocean just outside. Your bedroom is an oasis and keeping it not only fresh and lively while also a tranquil oasis begins with an inspiring paint color.

We’ve picked four colors from elegant classics to lively newcomers that allow you to be creative in your beach bedroom colors so you can fully embrace your secluded sanctuary.

beach bedroom color ideas

Beach Bedroom Color Ideas

White with Natural Accents

beach bedroom color ideas

This one is easy, and straight to the point. Whether you go with an eggshell or seashell color, white is pure and clean and it helps emphasize the furniture you have inside the room. White is a classic stunner, and beautifully versatile color option perfect for any size room. When combined with natural accent pieces such as bamboo, jute, seashell, and real hardwoods, the textures create depth and interest.

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Topsail by Sherwin Williams

beach bedroom color ideas - topsail
Sherwin Williams

Topsail from Sherwin Williams just sounds coastal. The color itself is a beautiful, very light green, as if you combined a touch of sand with a touch of turquoise water. It’s subtle and yet will bring cool comfort to your bedroom. With Topsail, you can then use any number of accent colors including white, wood tones or even greys. This comforting green hue has enough smokiness to be zen-like, making it the perfect color choice for your nighttime retreat.

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Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

Metro Grey is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year and what we love about this color is the versatility. The best way to picture this color is to think of the sand on a very early morning before the sun comes up. At this time of day, the sand almost takes on an earthy gray tone to it. That’s what Metro Grey is. This color is beautiful, subtle, and works as a full paint for your bedroom allowing you to update accent pieces however often you please!

Living Coral – Pantone’s Color of the Year

beach bedroom color ideas

Add energy to your bedroom with Pantone’s Color of the Year, Living Coral. We love this color because it is a true embodiment of coastal living, paying homage to ocean life and exuding the bright, lively colors of the beach. Coral is best applied in small doses, so as to not overwhelm and for maximum impact. This can be accomplished by adding an accent wall, incorporating a pop of this effervescent color through accent pillows, coastal rugs or with vibrant table lamps.

The most important bit of advice we have when it comes to freshening up your coastal bedroom is to use your own style. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel most at home. These handful of suggestions will help you bring the comfort of a coastal environment inside, so every time you walk into the room, wake up or lay down to relax, you’ll take in the full coastal experience.

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