Pattern Play – Creative Ways to Decorate with Patterns

how to decorate with patterns

Although trends in coastal design trends have been around for as long as beach living has been possible, you can always make them look fresh. As with any other creative skills, interior design requires lots of practice, trial, and error. However, once you master the basics, you only need to apply your creativity by playing around with different ideas to create unique concepts. Mixing patterns is an advanced interior design skill that combines talent with practice and discovering what feels “right” for you.

how to decorate with patterns

Here are Cottage & Bungalow, we love the aesthetic of a perfectly positioned pattern and are sharing a few tips we’ve learned from our designer friends.

How to Decorate with Patterns

The following tips will come in handy if you choose to decorate using coastal design trends:

Use a Common Color Palette

You may mix modern motifs, florals or plaids so long as they have a similar color palette. If you don’t trust yourself with wild colors, you can always use various shades of neutral tones.

White is a favorite of coastal designers. Other than representing the summer sun and laid back beach lifestyle, it can make any room feel crisp and fresh. You need to trust your instincts and incorporate colors that you’re comfortable with.

Consider Room Size

how to decorate with patterns

Before designing with mixed patterns, take note of the room’s size and scale. Large patterns generally work on large areas such as walls or window curtains. You may use medium scale patterns on furniture and similar sized items.

Small patterns work best for small items such as throw pillows. When decorating large spaces, remember to use an anchor color to create some balance. Too many different patterns can give the room a cluttered look.

Incorporate Artwork into Your Fabrics

how to decorate with patterns

Mixed patterns can be infused into any fabric in your house, from rugs to throw pillows. Some designers even use textured fabrics as actual art that you can hang on walls. Cottage & Bungalow has a wide selection of rugs you can use for this design concept.

Coastal design trends have a free-spirited vibe that gives you leeway for more creativity. Using brightly colored or elegantly detailed fabrics as artwork blends well with this design principle.

Get Bolder with Wall Designs

how to decorate with patterns

Mixed patterns can also transform your walls. From elements such as brick and stone to wallpaper or a painted accent wall. The beauty of wallpaper is that you can either apply it to one wall or the whole room depending on your design outlook.

Blue and white are a staple of coastal design trends for wallpaper because they contrast so well. You can also incorporate unique images such as seashells and coastal flora.

Mixed patterns also look good on tiles. If you want more color you can include it on bathroom and kitchen walls, as well as a whole floor if you’re feeling adventurous.

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Think of the Outdoors

how to decorate with patterns

Backyards are increasingly being treated as extensions of the indoors. It’s important to have a look that transitions smoothly from one space to the next. Front porches, doors, and patios offer great platforms for mixed pattern design.

Gone are the days when everything had to perfectly match. The outdoors are no longer being designed with one or two dull colors. Bright colors make the outdoors shine brighter.

Coastal design trends make use of calming colors such as sea green, turquoise, mellow yellow, true blue, and powder blue. Experimenting with shades of different coastal-inspired colors gives your outdoors a unique look.

Brighten Your Home with Plants

how to decorate with patterns

Although plants were treated as an afterthought for a long time, they’ve been shown to make us happier. Incorporating them into a modern design can be challenging because they don’t have clean lines that most designers are used to.

You can add them as an innovative layer that appears unique and blends into your overall design concept at the same time.

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Using mixed patterns results in a light, fun and laid back interior decor, especially if you’re incorporating coastal design trends. They also give you more creative options.

Although you can follow established design concepts, you can also tweak them with your own ideas. The trick is not to overthink it, but have fun while designing. And, as always, be sure to check out Cottage & Bungalow for all your home decor needs.


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