6 Elements of New England Coastal Style

new england coastal style

The New England coastal style is heavily influenced by the region, architecture and the coastline. You can make any space your dream getaway by combining themes commonly used throughout these eclectic coastal communities.

Like any design, the New England coastal style is distinguished by unique elements that are easy to import into any space.

New England Coastal Style

Here are six inspirational interior design ideas and tips to help you incorporate New England coastal style into your beach home.

1. Natural Color Palettes

new england style
New England Home | Shelter Interiors

Strong influences of the coastal surrounding translate to natural color palettes. Blues and whites are the most prevalent; they bring out serenity and freshness to any space.

You can pair a strong blue, specifically navy, with crisp white to bring out a nautical vibe. Softer colors like sky blue, sea form green, sunny yellows, and sandy beiges suggest the sand dunes and ocean tides of Cape Cod.

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2. Nautical Accessories

new england style
New England Home

The easiest way to decorate your home into a theme is by accessorizing and a common accessory in New England happens to be the nautical style.

Much of the style in New England includes mixture of new and antique pieces that add interest while creating a stunning interior space. Nautical decor includes sea-faring pieces such as anchors, ropes,  sails, and compasses. Lines are clean, stripes are common, and navy and white are statement colors.

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3. The Architecture

new england style
New England Home

Most homes with the New England influence share essential architectural details such as cedar shake shingle façade, white rim, rafter tails, and abundant gardens.

The exterior is crafted with precision by the finest architects and builders to depict a timeless style.

You can incorporate nautical elements such as fishing nets and ship’s wheels which are often used as shutters or window blinds.

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4. The Gifts of Natural Materials

new england style
New England Home

The natural materials surrounding the region heavily influence this style. Regional stones such as slates and granites find their way into floors both indoors and out.

Seashells are used to adorn everything from mirrors, fabric to small boxes. Local branches and flowers (fresh and dried) are easily picked and they are common accessories throughout the house.

5. Practical Coastal-Inspired Furniture

new england style
New England Home

Luxury is often found in simplicity. Create a relaxed, New England style by showcasing wooden furniture with clean lines or with distressed finishes such as pickled stains and worn edges. Modern pieces can be offset with traditional color palettes, such as various shades of blue.

Whether formal or rustic, New England pieces are of high quality and well made. Find furniture that you love– it should be sturdy, comfortable and durable.

6. Showcase History

new england style
New England Home | Koo de Kir design studio, Kristine Irving principal designer @koodekir, NEH home magazine, @nehomemagazine. Producer Kyle Hoepner

New Englanders are collectors of books, art, and the history of the region. Often filling in nooks and crannies with items reminding them of personal adventures along the coast.

Fill your space with favorite books, family photos, finds from the beach and keep your prized possessions perfectly showcased. Consider grouping a few sculptural together like shells, anchors, ropes or a nautical flag to create a space that’s organized rather than cluttered.

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Stand Out with the New England Coastal Style!

A week at the shore is quite relaxing but you certainly don’t have to live on the beach or in New England to bring this style into your space.

Be careful yet casual when mixing design styles that capture the beauty of the New England coast. By incorporating the elements into your home or space, you can capture the beachy feeling all year round.

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