6 Beach-Themed Bedroom Paint Colors We’re Loving This Year

beach themed bedroom paint colors

Color has the ability to bring a certain energy to a room; bright white that’s crisp and clean exudes a sense of calm, while a vibrant orange can bring fresh life. Using color as a way to enhance a room is an interior designers secret to creating a space that’s not only inviting but as a way to evoke emotion.

beach themed bedroom paint colors

When considering your beach-themed bedroom, consider how using color can create a calming retreat that will allow you to emerge refreshed and energized for your day. Here are a few coastal colors to consider.

Beach-Themed Bedroom Paint Colors

When repainting our homes, white or beige is usually the default color, because it goes with anything. But aside from plain white walls, there are more vibrant color options to get the feel of the beach on your room. Try these unexpected paint colors in your room:

Robin’s Nest Blue

beach themed bedroom paint colors
My Luscious Life

Tiffany or Robins’-Egg Blue paint is fantastic if you want to make a room look delicate, but not too girly. The blue-green tint of the wall color can perfectly highlight the darker green tones of your indoor plants. You’ll find often find this beach-home color in Miami Design Style

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Pastel Pink


Contrary to popular belief, a wonderful pastel or Millennial pink can work in modern interiors and not just in little girls’ rooms. The subtlest pink tint goes well with white, gray, beige, or pale wooden furniture with plant and beach decor accents. Bordering on bohemian, you may find this color in the California Casual design style.

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Cool Gray

beach themed bedroom color ideas

Just like white and beige, gray is an understated color that serves to highlight the accent pieces in your space. Bright accents are brighter, even other neutrals tend to stand out with a cool gray backdrop!

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Turquoise blue

beach themed bedroom paint colors
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Slightly bolder and brighter than Robins’-Egg Blue, turquoise really anchors a space and makes an instant statement. It can serve to perfectly offset simple, modern furniture. The vibrant turquoise hue defines the entire room, and creates the perfect contrast against crisp white pieces. 

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Cornflower Blue

Cool Home Decor Designs

This sweet, soft, calming blue tint works especially well with other pastel colors and primary colors, alike. With just the perfect mix and match of accents it will turn your room into a beach haven.  

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Lime Green 

Mix 2019

This bright chartreuse hue can feel a bit 1990s when used the wrong way, but when painted in a funky, modern bedroom, it feels new and tropical. Pair it with equally festive accents to make a bold statement. Would be perfect in a teen room or thematic guest bedroom. 

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From soft blues to vibrant hues, you really can’t go wrong with these beach-themed bedroom paint colors. Just ask yourself what emotions you want to evoke, how you wish to enjoy the space and, of course, which colors speak to your soul! Happy painting!

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