Beach-Themed Bedroom Ideas Your Teenager Will Love

beach themed bedrooms for teenagers

Is your teenager ready for a room refresh? How about a theme that is as timeless as it is fun? How about a beach-themed bedroom for your teenager?

A trip to the beach is something most people enjoy, including teenagers. The sights, sounds and smells and that serene feeling, making beach-themed decor a popular choice. Adding coastal elements to a teen’s bedroom can help to create a serene space or jazz it up with vibrant colors and accents they can enjoy year round.

When searching for teen bedroom ideas, the most important thing to remember is their room is more than just a place to sleep. It is a space to call their own- a place to kick back and relax at the end of the day or hang out with friends. And, with homework taking up more of their time, they often retreat in their bedroom.

Here are a Few Easy Ways to Create Beach Themed Bedrooms for Teenagers

What if you’d create a simple yet cute beach themed bedroom for a teenager? Get inspired with these five beach inspired ideas that will have your teenager sleeping in style in no time.

Display the Colors of the Coast

beach themed bedrooms for teenagers
Source: Farm Food Family

Start with painting the wall in the shades of white, turquoise or powder blue to evoke coastal recreation. Once you’ve painted the things that need to be painted, it’s time to go a little brighter and colorful especially when decorating your teenage girl’s room with a beach theme.

Even without décor, a white splash in the curtains or bed linens reminds your teen of the sunlight and soft breeze they experienced during the holidays.

A Unique and Personal Space

beach themed bedrooms for teenagers
Source: Orange Moon Interiors

Most teens want their spaces to be different from anyone else’s. Decorating a shared space doesn’t mean each child has to sacrifice their personal tastes. Floating beds with nautical rope or bunk beds could take a shared bedroom to the next level. They act as a divider, ensuring each child can seek time alone when they need it.

To encourage their search for self-identity, let your teens hang and show off some of their sea photos in frames such as pictures of palms. You can also decorate their room with coastal collectibles including seashells, starfish or urchins.

Beach Inspired Furniture and Accessories

beach themed bedrooms for teenagers
Source: Beachwood Place

Add some interesting and personalized furniture pieces. Distressed furniture with no overly shiny or perfect finishes (as if it might have spent time in the waves) is perfect for an ocean-inspired bedroom.

Another way to achieve a unique look is to add one-of-a-kind items. Look for vintage suitcases; baskets and storage furniture like the teak beach cushion storage box which are ideal to highlight the theme. Subtle details- like a square oyster mirror, sea-inspired candleholders and light fixtures (rattan lamps) are other coastal-themed extras.

Showcase Sea-life Artwork

beach themed bedrooms for teenagers
Source: Ideal Home

While fish, coral, and seashells are beach-combed treasures, there’s no reason you can’t go bold.

An underwater mural or wallpaper is totally unexpected yet a wonderful idea to add interest in your teen’s room. In addition, traditional wooden oar, a skateboard or a boat model are fun and unusual prints for an above-bed artwork.

Incorporate Different Textures into the Room

beach themed bedrooms for teenagers
Source: Marie’s Manor

Since a real beach has smooth and rough textures to touch and feel (the sand, shells, water, driftwood, etc.), it makes sense to bring plenty of natural elements into a beach themed bedroom for a teenager. Natural woven rugs contribute to the overall look and fit in the theme nicely.

Are You Ready to Create a Beach Themed Bedroom for a Teenager?

Try these simple, no-fail decorating tips and voila, your beach themed bedroom for teenagers is ready! Remember to encourage your teen to suggest design options to create a space that truly feels like a getaway on the seashore.

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