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Great Nautical Style with Cleats

We’ve already admitted to a bit of a Pinterest addiction so we thought we’d share one of the latest trends we’ve seen on the site. We’ve noticed a strong trend in nautical decor and the trend of using boat cleats inside the home. Re-purposing items in innovative ways is a great way to show your […]

Cottage & Bungalow has a wonderful collection of art curated especially for coastal homes. The collection includes photography, prints and three dimensional art. Selecting art is very individual, but our advice is to just “go with your gut” and select something that evokes a positive response.  Out customers love our art because it evokes such […]

Meet Elisabeth, Mikey and Oliver

Have you met our friends Elisabeth, Oliver and Mikey? Each lamp, pendant or chandelier from our stylish beach candy lighting collection has a unique personality. Which one would you like to bring home?     Elisabeth was just featured in the March issue of Coastal Living Magazine. Hopefully Oliver and Mikey won’t be too jealous! […]