What to do with those Thanksgiving Leftovers?

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we often wake up and wonder “now what to do with all those  leftovers….”.  Here are a few great ideas from America’s top chefs:

Jasper White: Summer Shack; Towne, Boston
Turkey Cobbler

“Dice the turkey; chop up the leftover veggies/mushrooms/green bean casserole/whatever; spread in some mashed potatoes, scoop in some stuffing, sprinkle your favorite biscuit dough on top and bake at 350 for 30 minutes, or until it’s bubbling.”

Dana Benigno: Sweet Girl, Chicago
Stuffing Benedict

“Form the stuffing into a cake and sauté it in a little fat until it has a delicious golden-brown crust. Then put two poached eggs over the top of it. Add a bit of Hollandaise sauce if you are still indulging. Take the leftover sweet potatoes and serve them sautéed for a breakfast side.”

Barbara Lynch: Menton; No. 9 Park; Etc., Boston
Japanese Leftover Pancakes

“Make packaged Japanese pancake mix, which can be purchased at Asian markets, according to the directions on the box. As soon as you pour it into the skillet, add an equal mix of leftover Thanksgiving vegetables, shredded raw carrots and kale, diced shrimp, scallions, a dash of sesame oil, and a pinch of cumin seeds. Cook the pancakes through and serve them with soy sauce.”

Jimmy Bradley: the Red Cat; the Harrison, New York
Spicy Swiss Potato Soup

“In a pan over low heat, take leftover mashed potatoes, add a little chicken stock, a little water, some milk and cream, some shredded Gruyère, salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne — and it’s done. A little scallion garnish adds a bit of texture.”

You can read more tips from top chef’s on New York Magazine’s Grubstreet.

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