5 DIY Creative Beach Decor Ideas to Try This Fall

diy creative beach decor ideas

Looking to bring a little beach-inspired decor into your home this fall? No matter if you actually live at the beach or simply dream of it every day (ahem, guilty), beach decor tends to lighten and brighten any mood or space. Here’s a fun list of DIY decorations that you might want to try in making your home as if there is no line between the land and the sea.

diy creative beach decor ideas

DIY Creative Beach Decor Ideas

Here are a few DIY ideas to inspire some fresh beach decor in your home, with a few alternatives if you’re not feeling so crafty!  

1. Seashell Mirror


Is there anything more beachy than seashells? A lovely way to display these beautiful creations of nature is by adding them to a mirror. You will certainly add a unique and seaworthy look to your home. You simply need to collect seashells in a variety of shapes and sizes and affix them to the mirror of your choice. You’ll want to be sure there’s ample space to glue the shells, so choosing a wide-rimmed mirror is best. Get the tutorial for the above mirror from HGTV here

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2. Seaglass Candle Jar

diy creative beach decor
Lovely Greens

A really lovely idea is to create some not-so-ordinary candles. You can use this in your own home or as a hostess gift at your next dinner party. It’s quite simple, too. Collect sea glass on your next trip to the shore, use a mason jar, or any other that’s your preferred shape and size, add a small candle then fill in the areas around it with your collection. No glue or tools required! Get the instructions for the above craft from Lovely Greens, here

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3. DIY Marquee Anchor 

Simple Stylings

Sassy styling for sea-worthy decor, we love this DIY Marquee Anchor from Simple Stylings. Nautical design is an all-time favorite for beach lovers and the anchor is the quintessential statement piece. Craft up your own, with a tutorial here.

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4. Vintage Art

diy creative beach decor

There’s just something about decor that pays homage to a simpler time in life, to bring a smile to someone’s face, like this idea from BHG. Rather than wearing vintage clothing… frame it! What a fun piece for the bathroom, swim area or anywhere else you’d like to add a vintage flair. Get more ideas for DIY wall art here.

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5. DIY Nautical Accent Table

Dans le Lakehouse

If you have skills with a hammer, drill and saw, then you most certainly would want to craft a nautically inspired side table, just like Dans le Lakehouse did above. The best part is you can paint or stain it to match your style and decor, and it can be used in just about any room in the house! Love. Get the tutorial here.

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If you’re feeling crafty for fall, we hope you’ve been inspired by some of our DIY creative beach decor ideas.

Decorating your home is easy if you know the right mix of materials to put in place for a picturesque beach style interior. Remember the colors of natural shades, cool blues, and greens along with a wash of color against a sandy flooring or couch. Make your home closer to the sea through beach themed accessories in every direction.

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