5 Must-Haves for Your Nantucket Style Living Room

nantucket style living room

You finally have that Nantucket styles cottage that dreams are made of. But a true Nantucket style beach cottage is not complete without a cozy coastal style living room for the whole family to relax in. Achieving that perfect balance between beachy accessories and plush furnishings is easier said than done. Once you have established a perfect Nantucket beach toned color palette, you need to carefully select your furniture and accessories to make the room complete.

nantucket style living room

Here are The Must-Haves for a Perfect Nantucket Style Living Room

1. Start with the Seating

nantucket style living room
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The most important part of any living room is the seating. You need to make sure that you have enough seating based on the number of people living in your home, as well as, prepare for any entertaining that you do. It is also important to make sure that you do not overcrowd the room by filling up all of the space with furniture that is too bulky.

The best couches and chairs for a coastal feel are over-stuffed fabric pieces with soft and rounded lines. Again, it is wise to stick to neutral colors like navy, cream, or white. If a sectional will not fit your space, a love seat and chaise lounge work nicely to make the room cozy and dynamic.

2. Choose Earthy Color Tones


Nantucket style is relaxed, fresh and easy. As such you’ll want to choose paint colors to reflect this feeling. The classic Nantucket palette pulls from the coastal surroundings. The blues of the sea, creamy tones of the sand, the wide variety of browns and beiges of the earth on a backdrop of crisp white are incorporated in every aspect from floors to fabrics and furniture to accessories.

3. Set The Mood With Soft Lighting

nantucket style living room
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One of the best ways to add functionality and comfort to your living room is with the right lighting. Nautical-inspired chandeliers lend visual interest to an overall space, while coastal-designed lamps are perfect complements to end tables and cozy reading corners. Give yourself the option of having either bright or soft lighting by adding bulbs with soft color or varying watts.

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4. Tie Together With Tables 

nantucket style living room table

Side, coffee, cocktail table…however you need your table to function, choosing the right combination for your Nantucket style living room can really tie it all together. Use tables to create reading nooks, as an offering for a mid-afternoon tea or as a place to showcase your favorite design books. They do not have to be matchy-matchy, of course! A coordination in color, style or texture is all you need to give it a pulled together look.

5. Amplify With The Right Accessories

nantucket style living room
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After you have selected all of the perfect furniture for your Nantucket style living room, you can pull the room together with carefully selected accessories. Anything with a worn wood finish like a fireplace mantle made from driftwood goes a long way to step up the coastal theme. Add to the comfort level of your Nantucket style living room with cable knit throws and loads of accent pillows to supplement your seating.

Your living room will be Nantucket style in no time when you follow these suggestions. Don’t forget to share your design with us when you tag #CottageandBungalow on Instagram!

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