coastal garden ideas
coastal garden ideas

10 Coastal Garden Ideas to Inspire Your Outdoor Space

As much as you love a cozy living room or comforting bedroom, designing a swoon-worthy and relaxation-focused outdoor space can be the ultimate finish to creating a sanctuary you’ll rarely want to leave. To help inspire your outdoor space, we’ve rounded up ten coastal gardens with must-have features that you can use for fresh and unique ideas for your garden, patio or lawn. 

coastal garden ideas

10 Coastal Garden Design Ideas

1. A Substitute For The Sea

coastal garden ideas

With or without the sea, a pool offers an opportunity to enjoy fresh and crystal blue waters to relax by. Bring natural elements to your backyard oasis with the addition of pebbles, flowers, and wooden seats. Your home will be ready for relaxing by the water anytime! 

2. Bring Your Indoor Theme Outdoors

coastal garden ideas
House Beautiful

Styles and colors that align with your interior design style can be easily be transitioned outside. Perhaps you’ll keep with your color theme through outdoor pillows and rugs, or maybe you can adapt an overall style such as Moroccan, nautical, whimsical or classic. Just remember you don’t have to leave your style at the door, simply because it leads outside!

3.  Greenery Galore

coastal garden design
Mr. Plant Geek

Setting the ambiance with plants can be as fun as it is fresh. Think of the greenery of your garden as a living design that changes with the seasons. Select low-maintenance tropical plants that are both ready for the summer heat and ocean breeze. 

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4. Dream Outside

Coastal Garden Design
Noah Porch Swing from Cottage & Bungalow

You may add a comfortable spot outside. The main reason why we go to the far and unspoiled beaches across different countries is to find peace and solace while enjoying much-needed relaxation. With a bedswing, you’ll be caressed by breezes that steal in off the ocean. Be it an outdoor furniture spot for conversation, or a place to spend a lazy afternoon with a good book. More a bed than a swing, yet the gentle, rocking motion creates your own island indoors or outdoors.

5. Light Up The Night

coastal garden design
Source: Garden Design. JJ De Sousa. Photo by: Janet Loughrey.

Every great garden patio design must have excellent lighting. This is where you can really make your outdoor living space shine. And, just because your home or cottage comes with certain outdoor lighting does not mean you should box yourself in with it. Light and shade are vital elements of your garden. Lighting can produce either a natural or artificial color of light. Typically for a garden patio, you want to take advantage of a natural appearance, but it does come down to your personal taste. Lighting around siding, walkways and in conjunction with plants and flowers helps to give off a beautiful, dramatic effect. Shop Coastal Lighting >>

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6. I See Seashells 

coastal garden ideas
Garden Lovers Club

To feel more of the seaside, seashells come first in mind as you imagine to hear the waves in your ears. You can add seashells just about anywhere, like as a border as Garden Lovers Club suggests

7. Beach House Entrance

coastal garden ideas
Amy Harkness | Pinterest

Aside from plants as a division to the garden and your home indoors, you may also want to add a beautiful front door. You may use bright aqua-hued tone or white or cream.

8. Dining in the Garden

coastal garden ideas
By Benvenuti and Stein

Dining al fresco is one of the most wonderful elements of summertime living. Create a special section in your outdoor space to enjoy a savory meal with family and friends. Remember to create a cohesive outdoor look, focus on the colors as well as the lighting and that will enhance the mood.

9. Add a fireplace

coastal garden ideas
Ciao! Newport Beach

Crisp evenings should not keep you from enjoying your outside living space. A fireplace can extend those long days outdoors and creates an unrivaled ambiance.

10. Get Nautical

coastal garden ideas
The Garden Goer

Nautical elements in your outdoor garden are not only fun, but they also speak to your coastal life. Sprinkle in touches of sea-life throughout your outdoor space. We love anchors, ropes and lanterns.

Regardless of where you live, these coastal garden ideas are designed to help you create a relaxed coastal-style ambiance outdoors.

Turn your patio, porch or deck into an oasis of relaxation and style with coastal outdoor furniture from Cottage & Bungalow. Escape the stresses of life as you sip lemonade on your porch and soak in the beach view. Add pure relaxation with a beautifully designed bed or porch swing and let your worries wash away with the waves. Shop Cottage & Bungalow >>



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