Eight Fall Trends In Beach Cottage Décor We’re Loving Right Now

Updated August 2021

With summer coming close and fall around the corner, we’re looking forward to cooler temperatures, fall foliage, and cozy rooms. We’ve been setting our sights on fall trends in home design and what you can look forward to in beach cottage decor during the seasonal change. We scoured Instagram and Pinterest, consulted with industry experts, and took a look at some of our own data to bring you our predictions.

As always, the true key to comfortable home design is to choose what you love regardless of trends, but as weather shifts, it can be fun to incorporate a few updates to your coastal home.

Here are a Few Trends in Beach Cottage Décor to Consider this Fall

Maintain your bright and airy cottage beach feel while paying homage to the season with these ideas below.

1. Incorporating Pantone’s Fall 2021 Color Palette

While Pantone’s palette traditionally is found on the runway, we’ve seen spill-over into home design. This fall, we love how comforting colors lend to the seasonal feeling and the pairing of unexpected shades such as Leprechaun, Rhodonite, and Adobe.

Here are just a few decor pieces that speak to Pantone’s fall color wheel and cottage feel.


2. Adding Natural Elements

Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

Nature never goes out of style. To transition from summer to fall naturally, simply fill vases with what is easily at hand just outside – such as sand and driftwood, pine cones, and small gourds, which work well in smaller spaces. You can also incorporate some apples in apothecary jars around the house, along with seasonal flowers such as small bouquets of sunflowers. Baskets are a lovely way to display your natural elements. See our beach cottage bathroom article for more ideas.

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3. Unexpected Fall Color Pairings

Beach Cottage Décor
Source: Boston Design Guide

Sure, when people think about fall, they automatically envision lots of browns and oranges; however, just as Pantone’s color palette for the season shows, it is on-point to incorporate a few pastels with your decor. We love the coastal vibe of Ballet Slipper and how well it pairs with deep greens. Boston Design Guide says of Ballet Slipper, “staying within the red family, Ballet Slipper holds a soft touch to flatter the room with a rosy glow.”

4. Amazing Mantles


Certainly, as cooler weather moves in, it’s instinctual to cozy up, and the first place to get a facelift is typically your fireplace mantle! Incorporate your must-haves into your beach cottage décor, so they seamlessly fit in. In your fireplace, add a few driftwood logs or massive cream-colored candles to help keep a warm fireplace while maintaining a beachy feel. Freshen up your mantel with a few fall-inspired pieces, such as painted pumpkins and gourds or some dried wheat sticks in a cream pitcher.

5. Extending the Outdoor Season

Beach Cottage Décor
Source: House Beautiful

With weather that’s cooled off from the hot summer sun and not quite too chilled, one fall trend we can really get behind is extending the outdoor season. Creating an outdoor haven with a fire pit, lots of warm, cozy blankets, and comfortable seating will entice an all-night gathering!

6. Mixing Layers and Fabrics

With the cooler temps on the way, you can add some heavier throw blankets and pillows around the house. Warmer knit or fleece fabrics are a great way to add texture and comfort to your home for fall. You can use darker colors like burnt orange or dark green and mix it with an off-white or creamy brown. The key here is to mix-match and have fun.

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7. Bedecking Your Bedding

Adding luxurious layers to your coastal bedroom is always on-trend, and with fall right around the corner, it’s a wonderful time for some color-play and texturizing. Start your layering with 100% cotton sheets, add a coastal-themed coverlet, coordinate with shams and a bed skirt, and don’t forget to add comfortable throws!

8. Coastal Inspired Pumpkin Decor

Beach Cottage Décor
Source: Wicked Meade

Nothing says fall beach décor like a pumpkin! And pumpkins offer the perfect canvas for creativity. Carve a lighthouse, boat, fish; decoupage using coordinated paper; build a pumpkin out of sand; hand-paint your pumpkins, or simply decorate with whatever you have around.

The key to a trending fall beach home is to incorporate elements of the season, add layers and have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.



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