Labor Day Party Ideas You’re Going To Love!

Updated July 2021

Labor Day is often considered as a farewell to Summer. It’s about squeezing in one last hurrah before the temperatures start dropping, the days start getting shorter, and it’s the beginning of pumpkin-flavored everything. The three-day weekend is fast approaching and it’s time to start making plans. Send your summer off in style with these Labor Day party ideas!

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Labor Day Party Ideas

Labor Day is a time of celebration! How will you enjoy your long weekend? How about one of these fun Labor Day party ideas?

Seafood Boil

labor day party ideas

Summer isn’t complete without fresh seafood, so why not host a seafood boil with lobster, shrimp, clams, and/or crab? The possibilities are endless when it comes to what seafood you can enjoy in a backyard or beach seafood boil. A seafood boil is easy to set up, too! Simply cover a table with paper, bring out an oversized pot, add seasonings, onions, celery, lemon and your meat and you’re off and running. Serve with corn, potatoes, and a fresh salad.

Tip: For guests that are allergic to shellfish you may consider baked salmon as an alternative.


Old Fashioned BBQ

A simple and casual family BBQ is a great way to bid adieu to the warmer temperatures especially if you live in areas with cold winters. Create a fun competition among your guests and host a cook-off for smoked meat or a signature side. Don’t forget to give prizes!

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All White Party

Source: Martha Stewart
Source: Martha Stewart

Though some socialites, such as Coco Chanel, tend to ignore this rule, most folks have all heard that it’s a fashion faux-pas to wear white after Labor Day. Now, whether you choose to pay any heed to this dictum is a matter of choice. Regardless of how you feel, a monochromatic palette is an elegant end-of-summer fete.

All white can go beyond fashion, too. Start with an all-white tablescape, then consider a white menu with dishes such as potatoes, white fish, and summer rolls. Bring out your white dishware,  offer clear cocktails, decorate with all white (flowers are a wonderful choice), and, of course, present an all-white dessert, as well. Just be careful what you put inside!

Block Party

If you’re not familiar with your neighbors, a block party is a great way to meet them, plus you won’t have to travel far to make new friends. Organize with a few key neighbors to help get the word out. Invite everyone to bring their signature dish, set up lawn games, invite an older kid to face-paint the younger kids, and enjoy getting to know your neighbors.

Tip: Coordinate with your local fire department for a fire truck visit. The kids will love getting to know their firemen! And, seeing a firetruck is always fun. 

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Outdoor Movie Night

labor day party ideas
Source: Jason Gessner | Flickr

A crowd favorite! A super fun Labor Day party idea is to host movie night under the stars, complete with popcorn and a giant screen. Bring out your lawn chairs and warm, cozy throws, and create a simple screen by hanging a sheet and using a projector.

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Pool Party

labor day party ideas - pool party

No end-of-summer celebration would be complete without a dip in the pool and pool parties are fun to host. Set up a tiki bar, string up glowing lights around your deck, and offer foods that can be served cool or at room temperature.

Tip: No pool? No problem! Set up baby pools, sprinklers, and slip-n-slides for an equally enjoyable time in and around the water.

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Brunches are the perfect way to host a party before noon and it’s better when done outdoors. Serve bacon and pancakes with a refreshing mimosa to start the day right. Adding festive, personalized ice buckets and trays will give it an extra special touch. 

Garden Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are a great way to enjoy a fun summer afternoon. Bring out your bar cart and serve refreshing summer cocktails like mojitos, margaritas, and martinis and serve in fanciful beach glassware. Make sure to serve finger foods as well. 

Tip: Set up string lights so you can continue the party until the evening.

Game Night

If you prefer a simpler get-together, then why not host a game night with friends?

No need to dress up or set up decorations. Prepare your games, snacks, drinks, and enough seating for guests so you’re good to go for a fun evening.

Boat Party

Make this summer memorable by hosting a boat party! Enjoy the view of the sunset and the ocean breeze while sipping wine from the deck. 

No boat? No problem! Accessorize your space with nautical decor and your guests will feel like they’re on the high seas.

Celebrate Patriotism

labor day party ideas

Let’s not forget the reason for this wonderful holiday. In September 1882, ten thousand workers took unpaid time off to protest extremely unsafe working conditions. During that time, the average American worker logged 12-hour workdays, every day of the week in order to get by. The labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. To celebrate the workingman’s holiday, and to commemorate that first Labor Day parade in U.S. history. We now observe Labor Day on the first Monday in September.

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