bathroom renovation ideas - cottage and bungalow
bathroom renovation ideas - cottage and bungalow

9 Luxury Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Beach Homes

Do you dream of living by the beach? If so, and if your family has enjoyed years of coastal living, it may be time to consider a bathroom renovation. A new bath is more than just a cosmetic upgrade – it can make your home feel like an entirely new place.

But with so many choices out there, how do you know which design elements are suitable for your home? This blog will go over some of the best luxury bathroom renovations for beach homes.

Whether you’re going for a complete overhaul or just changing a few elements, you can instantly turn your bathroom from dull and boring to captivating and inviting.

Here’s a list of stylish bathroom renovation ideas for your next redesign project this summer or down the road. 

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

1. Love the Layout

bathroom renovation ideas - cottage and bungalow

Where the bathtub, shower, vanity, and toilet are positioned to make all the difference in the bathroom in terms of space and usability and you may want to explore rearranging them. 

Some questions to ask are: what do you want to get from your bathroom, a space for bathing or lounging? Do you need more storage? Are you renovating the master or guest suite?

These questions should be considered before deciding on any layout changes so that everything is convenient while giving plenty of extra room where needed.

Some ideas for changing up the layout of the bathroom:

  • If you want to keep the toilet but switch it from in front of the bathtub, consider moving the bathroom door, so guests do not see directly into this area.
  • Place the shower on either side of the sink or tub, or flip-flop the toilet with the tub if that can add additional space.
  • A separate vanity may also be necessary if there are no other sinks in the room. Adding a vanity could mean incorporating another countertop near one of two windows for natural lighting during makeup application or shaving routines.

A revamp is the perfect time to consider how you want to fully utilize the space of your bathroom.

2. Lighting Makes All the Difference

bathroom renovation ideas - cottage and bungalow

If you’re renovating your bathroom, now is the time to do a lighting overhaul. Proper lighting can really make a difference in how functional the space can be. 

For example, a bright bathroom is excellent for grooming in front of the mirror before work or getting ready at night before bed. A darker bathroom can be cozy for reading or relaxing in the tub.

When it comes to lighting your bathroom, there’s plenty of options to consider:

  • Use lamps, sconces, and overhead lighting strategically
  • Add recessed lights that cast light softly on the walls or ceiling for a romantic effect (or use LED bulbs that are more energy efficient)
  • Consider installing bathroom vanity lights so you can apply makeup in front of them without getting blinded by bright overheads
  • Explore some less-than-obvious spots to illuminate, such as beneath a floating cabinet for added ambiance.

Don’t forget about how your window treatments play into your overall lighting design as well. Windows and doors can help control how much natural light enters a space.

If you need privacy from street view or like more subdued lighting at night, consider installing interior plantation shutters on your windows rather than curtains or blinds. 

If you need light but want to have privacy from the outside during certain hours of the day, consider installing a frosted window film on your windows that blocks UV rays and provides some privacy level.

Another option is using curtains or blinds in front of bathroom windows to provide more control over how much natural light enters the room. 

3. Doors and Window Placement Should be In Your Plan From the Start

bathroom renovation ideas - cottage and bungalow

Speaking of lighting, window and door placement should never be overlooked as you plan your bathroom layout. You’ll also want to think about how each opening works in relation to the rest of your bathroom elements. Do want a tub to overlook your view? How does the window light bounce off the vanity mirror and would you need to rearrange those placements?

If your bathroom is a part of the master bedroom suite, having windows on two sides may provide too much natural light and wake you up in the morning or keep you awake at night if they are situated directly over your bed. A better option would be placing them across from one side of the room to disturb sleeping arrangements.

Door placement and size should also consider family members with disabilities who might need more assistance entering and exiting the bathroom; ensuring that there is an accessible path when it comes time for renovations can reduce stress during future visits.

If you need to seal up a door or window or add a new one, it is best to work with a professional to ensure no structural issues.

4. Flooring with Personality

bathroom renovation ideas - cottage and bungalow


Bathroom flooring can be as much of a design element as a bathroom cabinet, lighting, and walls, so don’t hold back! 

Tile is durable and water-resistant, while vinyl flooring offers an easy-to-maintain option for those on the go. Tiles with patterns or colors can add a modern feel to any bathroom.

Tile is also a thick material, which means it will withstand the wear and tear of high-traffic areas such as restrooms more effectively than other materials like vinyl or linoleum. Stone tiles are available in solid colors and beautiful patterns that continue to be fashionable year after year.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, try using a time-tested flooring material such as stone. This bold look is perfect for the homey feeling of your coastal bathroom. Stone tiles are very durable and low maintenance which makes them an excellent choice for a bathroom floor.

If you’re looking for something with a bit of personality, try using black and white checkered tile, painting a design, or mixing tile shapes.

5. Experiment with Cabinet Colors

bathroom renovation ideas

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

While you can never go wrong with white cabinets in your powder room, they’re not exactly striking bathroom pieces.

Instead, try painting your bathroom cabinets a bold color that can make them stand out and be the focal point.

Cabinet colors like black or navy blue are perfect for coastal bathrooms because they give off an elegant feeling while still having cool undertones to set you at ease.

If you’re looking for something less bold, try painting the lower portion of your bathroom cabinets a different color than the top. This will create an interesting design element in your bathroom and make it stand out from other bathrooms you’ve seen. And while this method is more subtle, our last tip on using cabinet colors to keep up with trends can be perfect for those homeowners who love staying current! You can even go the extra mile by getting cabinet handles to match. 

We love painted cabinets!

6. Bathtubs Can Make a Big Splash

bathroom renovation ideas

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

When we think of bathtubs for your coastal bathroom, we automatically think of a traditional bathtub that doesn’t aim to be the star of the show. We’re here to tell you, however, if you have the space you can (and should!) liven up a master bathroom with a bold free-standing tub. 

Here are some popular choices to consider during your bathroom renovation:

  • Clawfoot tubs are a popular choice for coastal décor. These are usually big and bold but can be paired with a suitable bathroom color scheme to make them stand out from your scenery.
  • A boat-shaped bathtub is perfect if you love nautical design trends. Pair this style of tub with blue or white fixtures to bring out the nautical feel.
  • Carrara marble tubs with hand carvings or freestanding bathtub models made out of natural stone such as travertine, granite, and limestone can all fit in well if you’re looking for something understated but elegant. On another note, they also have an earthy feel to them which is perfect for coastal living. You’ll want one where the faucet is on the side instead of along the front (for easy access).
  • Old fashioned soaker tubs often come with wooden handles and could look great with a traditional bathroom.
  • If you’re looking for something sleek and modern: go with glass doors on your bathtub.
  • For a bathroom with an open floor plan, why not have your bathtub in the middle of the room? This is perfect for those who want to take full advantage of all their space.
  • If you’re looking for that luxurious feel: go with black or white tiles on your tub and surround it with gold accents for a contemporary look.

There’s even a bathtub out there that is over five feet long, with a built-in TV and stereo system, with holders for your beverage of choice. Now, that’s a tub we can luxuriate in!

7. Bathroom Vanities Don’t Have to be Vain

bathroom renovation ideas

When considering a bathroom vanity, you’ll want to think about the overall style of your home, or the look you’re going for with your bathroom renovation. There are many design styles and choices to consider. For a classic look, go for clean lines and simple embellishments, for a modern bathroom, go for sleek, minimalist features. 

You’ll also want to explore the function of your bathroom vanity. Would you care for a double or single sink? Do you need under-sink storage? What sort of countertop space do you need?

If you decide a freestanding vanity is a way to go, it’s essential that the height be appropriate in relation to where the sink and toilet are located – this could save space if there is not much room on either side or behind.

A wall-mounted cabinet can often provide more storage options than any other type of vanity set up and may look better with floors that aren’t super level as well.

For those who love contemporary design: consider an open-shelf bathroom vanity instead of one that has doors covering everything up all at once! It provides a sleek feel while still allowing items to remain hidden when needed.

With all the varieties of bathroom vanities available, you’ll be able to find one that will suit your needs and style perfectly.

8. Storage Wars (or Not)

bathroom renovation ideas

Sometimes a vanity just doesn’t provide enough bathroom storage for your space, in which case you’ll want to explore additional storage options.

Here’s a bit of inspiration to help get you going:

Wall-mounted cabinets are perhaps one of the most practical solutions for storing bathroom items that don’t need to be accessed all the time – just make sure they aren’t directly next to a window, leading them to get too hot.

Open shelving is another great way to store towels and other needed supplies without having closed doors getting in the way. These shelves can come either as freestanding units like your kitchen pantry or built into cabinetry that’s already set up around the room.

If you have one next to your tub: shelves could work wonders! Use it to store items like shampoo bottles or bath products without taking up too much room in your shower area.

Wall-mounted cabinets with sliding doors are a great option. These can take up less space and provide more storage than a traditional cabinet setup would.

Some other bathroom storage ideas to consider are a bathroom caddy, baskets, and hooks.

The caddy can be placed on the floor below your sink for easy access, and you might want to take advantage of that space by hanging towels from hooks (or something similar) above it.

Don’t forget about baskets either! They’re perfect for keeping extra rolls of paper towel or soaps nearby without cluttering any other areas of the bathroom with them–especially if they’re cleared off regularly.

Maybe all you need are a few hooks to hang towels or robes nearby, and you’ll never need a towel rack again.

So, you can see that bathroom storage does not have to be complicated or difficult.

9. Play Around with Colors and Patterns

bathroom renovation ideas

Photo by Grace Kelly on Unsplash

When considering design style, a powder room or bathroom can be the perfect space to show off your personality. It’s not too big of a commitment but just big enough to bring a little pop to your home decor. It is a space where you can inject some excitement.

If you’re starting with a white bathroom and want to add some color, paint one wall the bright hue of your choice or use a bold wallpaper border.

If you’re starting with an off-white bathroom and would like to punch things up a little bit, then consider painting two walls in contrasting colors. This could be light blue for one and dark purple for another or turquoise on one side and hot pink on the other.

You could also play with patterns through tile, glass, mirrors, and artwork.

One way to inject color into bathroom design is to use vibrant shades on anything with a glass surface, such as cabinets and light fixtures. This creates contrast against the dark color choices made elsewhere in the room. It also makes everything look brighter because it’s reflecting what little natural light we get from our windows.

Color and patterns in a small bathroom can be a significant improvement in and of itself!

Some Common Questions About Bathroom Renovations

What will it cost to remodel my bathroom?

When it comes time to decide how much you’re willing to spend on your bathroom, make sure that you have done a thorough estimate before committing.

One way is by coming up with a rough estimate using these formulas: Square footage x cost per square foot = total price; Number of fixtures + number of vanity tops + your labor costs = Materials Cost; Labor Costs (remodeling specialist) + Materials Cost = Total Project.

The cost of your bathroom remodel will be affected by the materials you choose.

For example, granite countertops are more expensive than marble or porcelain, while a solid surface tub is pricey compared to cast iron and fiberglass models. Consider your budget and which material will best suit your needs before selecting fixtures for installation on the remodeling project.

One important thing that many people forget when they’re creating their bathroom renovation plans is including an estimate of how much it would cost to add new plumbing lines if necessary. So, fully explore your layout before finalizing your budget.

The last step in determining what kind of costs need consideration is figuring out exactly who will do the work. This means looking at whether you’ll hire a designer/renovator (the most costly option), renovate yourself with help or without help, or do the renovation yourself without any outside assistance. (Spoiler alert: we highly recommend working with a professional. See below.)

What’s involved in a bathroom renovation?

The first thing you’ll want to do is bring in a professional. When it comes to your dream bathroom renovation, you may be tempted to do the work yourself or with family and friends. This can save on cost, but it’s best not to take this risk as there are many hazards associated with construction and bathroom renovation projects.

You’ll need to determine:

  • Your overall renovation budget
  • Whether you’ll be using the same layout or a new one
  • What type of fixtures you’ll want to go with
  • The style of tub or shower (will you want a walk-in shower, for example?)
  • What sort of tile – subway tile, mosaic tile, or something else
  • Your vanity, flooring, and accents
  • And your design finishes

What should I expect for the timeline of my bathroom renovation?

A typical remodel takes about two weeks from start to finish. You’ll want to factor in surprise delays and add on an extra week just if anything goes wrong during construction. As with any home improvement project, you’ll want to be flexible during your renovation.

Now that you have some bathroom renovation ideas to help get you going, we can’t wait to see what a big difference some of our suggestions are going to make! Please tag us in any Instagram photo (@cottageandbungalow) and share your new space with us. We can’t wait to see how these design ideas will pan out.

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