Simple Beachside Living: Decorating Your Beach Condo with Personality

Many beachside condos are decorated in a traditional beach style, with sand and seashells. This can be fun for some people, but if you’re looking to add your own personality into your beach condo decor then this post is for you! Here we will discuss how to make beachside living feel like home.

Beach Condo Decor Ideas

When it comes to beachside living, there’s no need to feel limited by traditional beach style. Beach condos are meant to bring the outdoors inside, however, you don’t have to stick with sand when it comes time to decorate (or redecorate) your beach condo.

Here are some fun ideas to infuse your beach condo decor with some personality!

Bright Color Pairings

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You’ve got sun-drenched style with a happy attitude if you add in some bright colors to your beach condo. A feature wall paired with bright accent pillows, chairs and a gorgeous rug create a space filled with energy and interest.

Classic Blue

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

Photographer: Stacey Brandford | Source: House & Home March 2020

When it comes to color, there’s one in particular that both expresses excitement and induces calming emotions — blue. An international, sensational color symbolizing wisdom, intuition, and spirituality, blue can cause the body to release calming chemicals and is even said to increase productivity. Some blues are bright and dynamic while others are more subdued, giving you an array of shades and effects to choose from. No matter where you add this powerful color, you can never go wrong decorating with classic blue.

Creative Wall Decor

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

Wall art is a fantastic method to liven up a room that appears to be too plain and, well, drab. Ceramic, wood and metal beach art can give your space an immediate lift and depth by adding variety to the color palette or just utilizing little pieces as accents.

Dimension and Texture

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Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

To create dimension and texture, you’ll want to vary the colors and patterns along with the color. It doesn’t have to be busy, so if you don’t like bright colors, don’t use them. It’s the different layers and choice of patterns that make a space impressive.  So, you can have a colorful room – even all white! – and still, use a variety of elements to bring that extra pop. Try mixing patterns to add color and depth, but various patterns do need to go together while not necessarily matching.

Create dimension and texture by:

  • Layering rugs
  • Stacking accessories
  • Through wall art
  • Layered lighting

Mirror Play

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Mirrors are a great beach decor element because they can reflect light and brighten up a space. Here is where you can really let your personality shine in your beach condo decor. Choose from handmade driftwood mirrors and nautical mirrors; you could also decide on a sea glass or shell mirrors. If you choose a coastal mirror from Cottage & Bungalow, our  handcrafted offerings are exquisite in their detail and originality. You will find coastal mirrors in all sizes from the compact for that vanity area to the truly massive (a few measure over 7 feet tall!)

Go Nautical

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When decorating your beach condo, you can have a subtle coastal theme or you can have the traditional nautical look of navy blue and white, jute rope and sea glass decor. The quintessential nautical style has a timelessness to it. It is easy to go overboard with this style, so we suggest some well-placed items to finish the maritime look.

If you’re looking to go nautical, here are some suggestions:

Create a California Vibe

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

When one thinks of California living, an image of crisp clean and pure spaces comes up. Neutral soft tones on furniture, walls, and accessories best define this timeless beach home style.

It focuses on merging the indoors and outdoors to create ease of livability and comfort. If you are inspired by this timeless home design here are a few things you can do to incorporate it into your home.

  • Go for an earthy color palette
  • Bring in plants
  • Layer rich textures
  • Opt for natural and organic materials
  • Comfort is key

Bohemian Style

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

Photo by Visual Stories || Micheile on Unsplash

A close relative of California style is Bohemian. Bohemian style often referred to as “boho” or “boho chic” is a fashion style that was popularized during the 1960s and 1970s (though it is possible to trace the roots back further) and is still as fashionable as ever. The essence of Bohemian is focusing on natural fabrics, mixed patterns, and lots of luscious color combinations.

Here’s how to incorporate this casual look into your beach condo decor:

  • Add textures. Lots of them.
  • Bring in some unexpected lighting
  • Don’t be afraid of unique wall coverings
  • Bring plants inside
  • Help the floor pop

Make Your Rooms “Happy”

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

Image credit: Glitter Guide | source

Many of our customers note that they love shopping our website because so much of the furniture and accessories are “cheerful” and “happy” pieces. It is hard to be in a bad mood if your home is filled with vibrant colors, your foyer welcomes you with a cheery painted chest or if you have a sparkly sea shell chandelier.

Here are some ways to make your rooms happy:

  • Bring in the color
  • Decorate with things you love
  • Display your collection
  • Add a bright piece of furniture in the entryway
  • Select furniture with curves

Consider a Wooden Chandelier

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

During the fall people are naturally drawn to rustic materials and earthy finishes.  We are seeing a strong trend towards wooden chandeliers. These chandeliers are popular because they add a much needed organic element to rooms. Wooden beads, driftwood and washed woods are all a welcome counterpoint to more refined elements in a room.

Go Modern

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalowPhoto by Kam Idris on Unsplash

While we tend to lean more toward a traditional or classic style of beach decor here at Cottage & Bungalow, there is an emergence of a “new classic” style we cannot ignore: Modern. Modern design has been popular for decades among minimalists due to simplicity in form and function. These days, with stimulations all around us, it’s no surprise homeowners are opting for the clean lines that help define this transparent design style.

Are you considering going modern for your beach condo? We have some ideas for you:

  • Polished modern furniture
  • Form & function rule
  • Unconventional colors
  • Minimal yet luxurious

Wallpaper Fun

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

mssamanthasantan / Instagram

An unexpected element like this beachy wallpaper adds personality to a space.  It is important that you choose something that goes with your style and the color scheme of the room, but also allows for creativity by adding pieces around it.

Inspired Bed Frames

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Since beds are typically the largest furnishing in a bedroom, the style of your headboard makes a big impact on coastal beach bedroom decor. Headboards share an interesting history in the evolution of home design. Egyptians used them as show pieces, Greeks and Romans used them to block drafts and to accommodate bedroom entertainment, and households in colder climates used canopies surrounded by draft-resistant linen to keep the bed’s occupants warm.

Since function always makes way for form in interior design, headboards began to take on a style of their own.

Here are a few styles to consider:

Style Your Coastal Coffee Table

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If there’s one task that seems to universally unnerve homeowners about living room design, it’s styling the coffee table. It’s easy to become frustrated and leave the table virtually empty or to go overboard and leave no space for drinks or plates. Luckily, there are tons of easy tips and tricks to help you find your perfect coastal coffee table look.

Whether you’re a styling novice or an old pro just looking to change things up with a coffee table in your living room, we think you’ll find these ideas enlightening.

  • Use stacks of books and trays to create platforms
  • Layering a trunk beneath a traditional table adds character and easily accessed storage
  • Play with geometry
  • Add a personal detail
  • Fill a smaller tray and then add a stack of books
  • Use oversized accessories
  • Vary the heights of your item groupings

Don’t Forget Your Patio

beach condo decor | cottage & bungalow

When thinking about your patio design, there are many stylistic approaches to consider from rustic to modern, and everything in between. No matter the style, however, all of the best patio designs feature similar basic elements that are best used as building blocks when it comes time to put together your outside living space.

So, as you can see there are many ways you can infuse personality into your beach condo decor.  The beach is a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself, so your beach condo decor should feel the same. Be sure to stay inspired when you visit Cottage & Bungalow!

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