Beach House Color Palettes On-Trend this Summer

beach house color trends

Updated June 2021

The beach has inspired many artists to paint and create, as they find inspiration from the peace and quiet of the ocean. The tranquility offered by the beach has also inspired many interior designers to continue using beach house colors in their designs; especially those that love warm tones like browns, blues, and beiges. These colors work well together in creating an inviting coastal feeling in homes whether you live near or far from the seashore. Coastal colors are usually chosen from earth tones and primary colors which can be mixed together to create different beach house color schemes.

There’s something so calming about coastal-inspired spaces.

Sea colors like blues and greens are oft-considered the go-to’s for beach tones but there is so much more to beach-themed color than just water tones. The trend has gone beyond to encompass coral, sunsets, tropical fish, and even sand.  

Beach House Color Ideas

To stay on-trend you can start by adding a neutral color like sand throughout your house. Neutrals set the tone for a relaxed atmosphere. If you prefer a more energetic vibe in your home, use a stark white as your base.

Once you have your base color decided you can move forward with confidence in choosing your accent colors.

Adding a fun pop of coast-vibe color can be accomplished by adding small accessories, large pieces of furniture or even painting an accent wall.

Here are some nearly effortless ways you can add seashore sentiment to the rooms of your house.

Coral & Aqua

beach house color ideas

In the Kitchen

With modern kitchens being inspired by the ultra-white farmhouse trends, bringing coastal flair can be achieved simply by adding splashes of the currently popular coral and a coordinating blue. These pops of color make a room go from humdrum to fabulous! Accessories like rugs come in an array of sizes and colors as do stools and linens. To keep bright colors from feeling harsh, be sure you have some natural tones throughout as well.

WHAT THE PROS SAY: “Coral goes well with a variety of blues and greens. Try adding a bit of aqua to the mix to make your space even more cheerful and fun. Use stainless steel appliances to balance out the excess color as well.” ~homeedit


Classic Navy & White

In the Bedroom:
To create a beachy, relaxing, soothing environment in your bedroom, consider going beyond traditionally muted colors. The classic navy and white bedroom is still trending and is the perfect way to bring nautical charm to the space. Consider accessorizing your bedroom using lightweight coverlets, airy throw pillows, and other fun nautical accessories.


Turquoise & Orange

beach house color ideas
Interior God


In the Living Room:
An emboldened variation on coral and aqua, turquoise and orange are a decorator’s fave. Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt positive energy? One way to create that welcoming ambiance is to add touches of beach-inspired flair which includes that bold pop of orange. The Oh-So-Trendy color combination of turquoise and orange can be incorporated in your living room by adding fun and whimsical textiles.

WHAT THE PROS SAY: “There’s nothing like the combination of turquoise and orange to make a room come alive.” ~Christopher James Interiors



Greys & Browns

In the Bathroom:
Everyone needs an outdoor bathroom in natural hues, right? No matter the location, the combination of classic grey with natural woods and a quick pop of color is stunning.


More Beach House Color Trends to Explore

Add a Splash of Yellow

beach house color trends

Alys Design

Brighten up your space by mixing in some yellow with your neutral and ocean tones. 

In this Cape Cod beach house designed by Alys Design, the combination of warm creams, natural wood tones, pale turquoise with the bright lemon yellow gives this home endless summer vibes.

A Mix of Tropical Colors

beach house color trends

Heidi Walker Interior Design

Feeling a little adventurous with colors?

Bring summer into your space with this tropical color palette from Heidi Walker Interior Design. This vibrant mix of hot pink, sky blue, lime green, and sunshine yellow will revitalize the energy in your bedroom.

Neutral Tones with Black Accents

Donna Guyler Interior Design

Not in the mood for ocean tones or bright tropical colors? Black accents are the perfect complement to your neutral tone coastal furnishings.

As you can see, even if you cannot be at the beach as often as you like this summer, you can still bring some trendy beach-inspired pieces in trendy colors into your home to bring about a sense of refreshment and rejuvenation.

Photo by Michael DeMarco on Unsplash

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