Beach House Ideas: Home Decor Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Beach houses are perfect for those in search of a relaxing retreat. But the good news is that beach homes don’t have to be located by or near an ocean! These style-conscious finds work well all over, and they can bring you just the right amount of energy when needed most.

So how would it look like to have a beach-themed interior design in your home? Let’s explore some home decor tips and tricks to help get you started.

If you want to build your own beach house, assistance from a professional designer is highly recommended. If you do not know where to look for them, ask around at some creative decorating stores or go online for suggestions and pictures of beach house ideas that can inspire you.

Once you get an idea of what kind of beach house design and theme you would like, it will be easier for you to implement them into your beach house.

Beach-themed home decor usually looks best when it is colored in shades of beachy blue, green, and brown. These colors can create a relaxed atmosphere much like the beach does and provide thematic color to any space you’re trying to decorate. When creating your own design ideas for an ocean-themed interior, borrow from other important items like outdoor beach furniture, beach toys, and beach accessories.

You should also find beach house ideas from top interior designers who can help guide you on what beach house ideas would look best in your space.

Beach House Ideas to Refresh a Space

There are endless inspirations for a coastal home interior design, and finding the right balance can be tricky. Here, in this article, we present some of the best coastal ideas with decorating tips and trends that will make your house look as good as yours would if you were on vacation there.

Bright Open & Airy Windows


Taking care of your beach house windows is important not only for air circulation but also for privacy.

Some window types are more difficult to open than others, compromising air airflow and exterior appearance. If you need to replace the existing windows, we recommend installing modern frames that are easy to glide up and down without compromising security or privacy.

The modern floor-to-ceiling windows are a great addition to beach houses with picture-perfect views. Keep in mind that your beach house may require special windows to withstand the elements when located near the ocean.

PRO TIP: Brighten up space and enjoy beautiful light patterns with the addition of a gorgeous stained glass window.

Easy-to-Maintain Floors

beach house ideas floors


Moisture, sandy feet, and humidity can easily damage your hardwood flooring or carpet. They are the last thing you should think of if you do not want to have frequent repairs.

The last thing you want is to come home from your beach getaway and discover that the flooring has warped. Be sure to use a warranty-protected flooring product such as modern Venetian-style tile or hardwood veneer. These materials are durable, and their surface resists fading and staining, so they won’t show wear even in beach houses near the beach.

Porcelain and vinyl tiles are the best options for a floor that is durable enough for high traffic and requires little maintenance. Homes with hardwood floors often experience an increased likelihood of mold growth due to dampness and musty odors because the wood absorbs them quickly.

PRO TIP: If you cover your flooring in beach-themed rugs, look for natural fibers like wool or cotton that offer good resistance to moisture. 

Nautical Accessories


A beach house is not all about the water. It’s also about making it feel like a vacation from your day-to-day life, and that is why decorating your living room is just as important, if not more so, than watching sunsets from the balcony. You might be seeking some accents to remind you of being on vacation or beach house ideas you want to bring home after your trip.

The key is not being afraid to be bold with beach decor in a statement piece while remaining tasteful and beachy at the same time. Be sure that you choose beach decor pieces that are high quality, durable, and have a vintage beach feel.

The quintessential nautical style has a timelessness to it. It is easy to go overboard with this style, so we suggest some well-placed items to finish the maritime look. We hand-picked decor pieces and ideas to help get your ship sailing in the right direction and on your way to a beautiful seagoing space.

Here are a few tips to incorporate a nautical feel:

  • Add Stripes – It’s simple to add that maritime feeling to any space – indoors or out – by adding stripes. Navy blue and white stripes are as nautical as you can get. Not sure you’re ready to commit to a full-on nautical look? Why not add an easy area rug? Our indoor/outdoor rugs are for all seasons, made to endure high-traffic areas and muddy messes, plus you can just hose them off for easy cleaning.
  • Bring Whimsy – Adding coastal-themed accent pillows bring whimsy to your nautical decor. Choose your color scheme and mix and match until your captain says “Aye!”
  • Anchor Down  – Anchors aweigh! Nautical spaces would not be complete without an anchoring element. Introducing anchors into your beach home decor will not only give that special touch to make the nautical look complete, but it will also keep you grounded.
  • Other Nautical Decor Ideas – There is no end to ideas for updating with a nautical decor style. In fact, we’ve created a Pinterest board to pin all the fantastic ideas out there.

Here are just a few more ways you can enjoy the nautical theme:

No matter how you choose to enjoy the look, nautical decor never seems to go out of style and your guests will probably feel right at home too.

Nautical decor is inviting and calm, even as it evokes thoughts of the sea and all that surrounds it. Be careful not to get too kitschy, it can be easy to overdo it. Simply layer in some of your favorite pieces and build from there and before you know it, your space will be shipshape ready!

Outdoor Amenities

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Having outdoor amenities such as a shower, a fire pit, and/or a pergola is the ultimate luxury. The outdoor shower is essential for a warm shower outside to remove any sand or salt before going into your squeaky clean house. Outdoor showers at the coast are great because the weather is always friendly, and you will not stain your home. A beach house fire pit is an excellent place to gather with friends in the evening. It is a great way to roast marshmallows, cook s’mores and tell beach stories. A pergola can offer a separate seating area to enjoy nice cool evenings with friends and family.

Your outdoor spaces should feel like a continuation of your indoor rooms. Porches, patios, or decks deserve to be decorated with the same thought and care as the spaces inside your home. This is particularly true in coastal homes where we tend to live life outside.

Here are our five tips for creating a great outdoor space.

  • Define the space with an area rug. These lively rugs look great indoors or out.
  • Mix and match your furniture. People tend to use matching sets of furniture when they are decorating their outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and mix different finishes or types of furniture. Using different types of furniture such as wicker seats with a teak table will create a space that feels collected over time.
  • Select lighting that complements the decorating scheme.
  • Soften the space with pillows and throws. Our hand-painted indoor/outdoor pillows stand up to outdoor use. Have cozy throws on hand for when temperatures drop as evening temperatures drop.
  • If your outdoor space is protected from the elements add some art. Whimsical signs will give your outdoor space some personality. Custom signs will make a unique statement.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget about your feathered friends! Stylish birdhouses and bird feeders will invite nature into your garden space. 

Living Room Love

beach house ideas | cottage & bungalow

Photo: Valerie Wilcox | source

The living room is an important part of your beach house, as it is where you relax after a long day at work or a day on the sand. It should offer a soothing color scheme and light fabrics to create an atmosphere that allows you to relax and unwind. Coastal living room designs should be tranquil, soothing, and comforting to look at. Even so, you can introduce a few bold accents, decor, and design ideas to your living room without disrupting this relaxing synergy.

Here are a few beach house ideas for your living room:

  • Add a spot of color. The most obvious way to make a bold statement is by adding a spot of color to your living room. Break out a bit from traditional neutrals, soft blues, and greens by adding another coastal color to your palette. Look for a brightly colored sofa or love seat in sunshine yellow, coral orange, or a fun pattern, and watch how it transforms your space.
  • Bring in unique lighting fixtures. There are so many fun chandeliers on the marketand they’re perfect for adding whimsy, color, and style to your living room space. Suspend one over the coffee table or above your favorite reading nook.
  • A taste for the exotic. When sailors and seamen traveled the world, they would bring exotic relics back home to show off their adventures. You can kick your interior design up a notch with unique, hand-crafted pieces you’ve discovered.
  • Art appreciation. Sometimes a single piece of art can be the bold move you’re looking for to put the finishing touch on your design.  Search the Cottage & Bungalow art galleries for pieces with note-worthy beach-themed subjects to adorn your walls.

You can create a living room to love when you infuse comfort with your unique style.

Comfy Porch Furniture

beach house ideas
Source: Homebunch | Bria Hammel Interiors.

It is vital to have a comfy set of outdoor furniture to take advantage of the great ocean, bay, or neighborhood views.  A porch is definitely a place for relaxation and cool breezes. It can improve the look of your home and allow you to spend quality time with family and friends. In fact, many consider the porch a room in and of itself.

Here are some suggestions for a cozy porch everyone will love:

  • Stylish Seating – A typical porch is about fifteen by fifteen. It doesn’t really have to be large but it must have enough room around the furniture you place there. Adding a rocking chair makes for a perfect spot to have a cup of coffee or read. Make seating even more interesting by adding unique options such as a bed swing, Adirondack chairs or even a comfortable couch!
  • Perfect Planters – Starting a garden on your porch is a ‘must do’. Something low maintenance is ideal and if not green plants or flowers, herbs would suffice. Naturally brightly colored flowers will always do the trick whether you place them hanging around the porch or in flower pots and containers on the stairs. Flowers always make for an inviting space. Choose your plants based on the amount of sun your porch gets and what time of day. Verbena, Cape Daisy, Petunias, and Pentas work well for the sunny porch. Fuchsia, Coral Bells, and Begonias work well for the shady porch.
  • Ambient lighting – Lighting is key to enjoying your porch past sundown. Use designer fixtures to enhance the ambiance and make your porch sitters feel even more at home. Hanging coastal lanterns or even a swanky chandelier is just the thing. Make sure your porch is well lit. Not only will it help with the ambiance, but it is also for safety, and to discourage break-ins. It doesn’t have to be harsh. Just a hanging lantern or lit scones on each side of the front door will set the cozy tone you love.
  • Soft Textiles – In addition to colorful outdoor pillows, ensure you and your guests are never more than an arm’s reach away from a beautiful blanket or throw that can provide protection from a cool afternoon breeze or a chilly evening. The Scramble Matelasse Coverlets in our bedding section add fun summertime color and a heap of comfort when you need it. Don’t forget what is underfoot. An indoor/outdoor rug helps complete your look while providing extra protection for your flooring.
  • Pleasing Paint – Painting the porch, whether wooden or concrete, always improves the look. Curb appeal not only helps when you are selling your house, but it can make your house more inviting to you and your guests. Add even more impact with a painted front door using a color that coordinates with the furniture on the porch and its accessories. Don’t forget the ceiling! A fun way to add interest to your porch is by painting the ceiling. What started as a tradition in the south  – whether to keep away restless spirits or to repel insects – has quickly become a popular outdoor design technique. Painted porch ceilings are popping up all over the place.

A welcoming front porch is a cover to the book of your home! Create one that is inviting and stylish.

White & Bright


The all-white beach house is a style that evokes a sense of calm. This type of simplicity makes decorating an easy task for any household. Start with bright white as a base using crisp white walls, cozy furniture, and simple accessories. Starting with white is as easy as it gets!

Here are a few ideas to incorporate it:

  • Use crisp white as a backdrop. Paint your beach house walls in white or another light color so they will feel as beachy as a beach home should be.
  • Choose furniture pieces with beach themes to make your beach house more like the beach itself. White is usually the dominant color in every beach design, so you should also use this palette when choosing black and cream colors for other furniture pieces in your home.

Island Style


Statement wallpaper, wicker furniture, natural elements, and bright pops of color are festive and popular beach house elements. With bright beach colors, decorate your beach house with nostalgic beach boardwalks and surfboard-inspired home accents to infuse island style.

Here are some other ideas for island-style:

  • Blend in the beach culture of coastal homes by using natural elements like driftwood or sea glass as decorative accessories.
  • Hang paintings of seashells and seascapes – they remind us that we are standing directly on top of an ancient ocean floor whenever we happen to feel landlocked!
  • Accentuate furniture with contrasting fabrics: wicker furniture can be contrasted with bold velvet accent pillows or beach-themed hemp fabric.
  • Hang beachwear and flip flops from hooks, so they’re displayed in your home as well as in a closet, creating an interesting focal piece that’s tied into the concept of your beach house home design!

For those who are used to spending most of their summer vacations at the beach, it should be easy for them to create this ambiance even in their own homes because these beach house designs are often pure inspiration from all the coastal areas they visit.

These beach house interior design ideas are soft and beachy and perfect for all the rooms in your seaside (or not!) home.

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Main photo by Krystal Black on Unsplash

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