Beach House Storage Ideas for the New Year

beach house storage ideas

New Year’s Resolutions, you either love and embrace them, or completely disregard them. No matter your feelings about starting over on January 1st, getting and staying organized is a worthy goal any time of year. When you’re enjoying time at your beach home – whether it’s your full-time residence or not – you want to fully relax and enjoy the sea, sand, and everything ocean living, not spending your time finding misplaced items or looking at unsightly clutter. We here at Cottage & Bungalow understand! That’s why we are bringing these beach house storage ideas for the new year (or any time of year).

beach house storage ideas

Beach House Storage Ideas

Keep your home tidy and organized with these ideas.

Armoires and Wardrobes

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One way to easily, and beautifully, get extra storage space is with an armoire or wardrobe. Technically there is little difference in the pieces, an armoire is a more ornate version of the wardrobe, and either variation offers the opportunity to store your extra clothes or personal items with ease.

An armoire can be used to store extra bedding, throws, and linens in the bedroom or bathroom. Another wonderful use of this sturdy piece is to store your favorite serving dishes in the kitchen or dining room. Your most loved pitchers, serving trays and bowls can benefit from the wide shelves.

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Bookcases and Shelving

shell and wicker decorated bookshelf
Source: MDMeuller

Beach houses are open and airy keeping with the feel of the inviting sandy beach. The open shelving and bookcases appeal to the authentic open space of your beach house. Trending beach house storage ideas are keeping with the open shelving idea. Beach house bookcases can serve many purposes: for books (of course), as a lovely way to keep smaller items in place through baskets and colorful bins, to showcase beachy decor pieces or as a combination of all!

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Pails & Bins

beach house storage ideas buckets

Metal pails are all the rage in home storage. Bare metal pails are perfect for a slight industrial style and pretty painted pails add a unified look to your overall theme. Add pails in your guest bathroom, by the front door, or in the garage. Another fun trend is to paint pails for a garden party, they are a fun way to corral flip-flops or chill wine.

Another idea for beach house storage is with canvas-style bins. Available in many shades to match your existing home décor, adding colorful bins to hold a variety of items from beach toys, towels, clothes, or used to tote groceries. When you want to put them away you just empty and collapse.

Nautical Storage – Boat Cleats

beach house storage ideas
Source: Lake Decor

Place boat cleats outside to hold wet swimsuits, or above your shelving storage to add another design element. Hooks work in your bathroom, mudroom or bedroom for added storage or frequently used items.

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Enjoying your beach house is about relaxation and a space that allows you to bring the open ocean feel inside. Open shelves, hooks, cabinets and creative accessories allow you the simple beach life without hindering your style.

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