8 Beach Towns to Add to Your Bucket List

beach towns

The United States sure is packed full of beautiful coastal towns. Every single one of these towns is unique in its own charming way. And whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it somewhere along one of the coasts. While there’s never enough space to talk about all of the coastal towns we love, here are just some of the coastal living spots we have fallen in love with lately.

beach towns

Mendocino, California

If you haven’t explored Northern California yet you need to treat yourself. The coastline running up into Oregon is unlike anything you’ll find in Southern California. In fact, driving through Mendocino in the early morning you wouldn’t be alone to think it has a very Maine feel to it. Only here you have the Pacific Ocean, wine country, and the beautiful redwoods surrounding you.

Old Saybrook, Connecticut

After finding out that Katharine Hepburn called Old Saybrook home do you really need to know anything else? It feels like it’s a true storybook city, and what’s beautiful about this area of the country is if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for keep driving. You’ll come on another small beach town in a few minutes.

beach town
Santa Barbara By Caroline Culler

Santa Barbara, California

The thing about California is even within the same state the beach towns here feel so different from one another. Santa Barbara might be just a shot drive from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, but it feels a world away. In fact, you may just feel like you’re in the Spanish or Italian coast. The weather is also milder than the rest of SoCal. So if you want to feel like you’re living along the Mediterranean, this is one spot to visit.

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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

If you absolutely love the classic feeling of a historic boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach is the spot for you. It feels as if it was locked in time and never left the 1920s. It has a bit more color than your standard New England fishing village, but there’s still a quaint feeling that’s absolutely lovely.

Tybee Island By Michael Sennello

Tybee Island, Georgia

Savannah receives all the attention here, but it’s not actually a “coastal” city as it’s a bit inland. It is surrounded by a series of islands, with Tybee Island being the furthest out. The buildings are charming here and it still has a small town feeling. If you’re visiting Savannah you absolutely must head out to Tybee.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

One of the most famous coastal living spots on the list, you’ll feel like you’ve transported yourself into a time gone by here. If you’re a lover of old, New England buildings, this is the spot for you.

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Southport, North Carolina

Southport in many ways is the Nantucket of the South. It has that classical southern home feeling with a romantic neighborhood. It’s also just a ferry-ride away from Bald Head Island.

Key West by Yinan Chen

Key West, Florida

Key West is truly a place all its own. It has the burst of color homes that feel at home in Charleston or Savannah, and yet it is nestled down along the Keys. This is a town that you visit because you want to, and many who want to never leave.

These are just a handful of our favorite coastal living towns in the United States. And, naturally, there are so many others we haven’t touched on. With unique towns around the country if there’s a particular vibe and look you’re going for you’ll find it. And, of course, whatever your design style is you’ll find it here with Cottage & Bungalow as well. So whether you’re looking for new furniture or some seasonal throws, stop by the website to check out everything available.

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