Elegant Design Ideas for a Coastal Retreat: Cottage Bedroom Inspiration

cottage bedroom ideas

Bedrooms are an epitome of a cozy charm after a long day at work or during vacation stays. Cottages date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and they gained popularity in Europe and America as middle-class home types.

Whether you choose a modern, rustic, or cottage type of décor, it is important to personalize it, making it feel even more tranquil when you walk in.

Cottage bedrooms are not just for actual cottages; they can also work well in any other space to incorporate rustic charm. They are just as ideal for townhouses, new homes, apartments, or even a simple bedroom refresh. Cottage bedrooms feature a blend of warm and cozy neutrals in all shapes and sizes. Let’s explore how you can create a cottage bedroom space to add a touch of romance and nostalgia.

Cottage Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

Whether you have a cottage or want to be inspired by some charming decorating tips, here, you will find some of our favorite cottage bedrooms ideas to inspire.

Showstopping Bed Frame

Surely the star of any bedroom is the bed! The soft shape, solid base, and beautiful colors of a cottage-style bed can offer the perfect starting point to create your sanctuary. Bring in the romance with an elegantly hand-crafted bed frame or headboard.

Romantic Bedding

cottage bedroom ideas

No matter the style of your bed frame, you’ll want to refresh your current bedding, pillows and even throw a cottage nightstand into the mix. There are plenty of colors you can choose from, but when it comes to being romantic, you should stick with soft colors and a fairly limited palette. Blush pink, calm yellows, and creamy whites are commonly used in romantic rooms.

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Shams, Pillowcases & All the Lovely Extras

Additional elements for your soft romantic bed may include finding the perfect bedding separates. It’s all about the lush layering. Layers provide interest to the room’s design style and give you a cozy, luxurious place to rest. A soft comforter or duvet, snuggle-down sheets, and plenty of shams, pillows, and throw pillows will turn your bed into a romantic paradise for two.

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Don’t forget you can mix patterns – a beautiful mix of patterns and colors creates instant cottage charm. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bedding and decorative pillows. Don’t worry too much about “matching” – just choose what you like, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Wallpapered Accent Wall


Wallpapering technology has come a long way since the days of heavy, sticky, glued backing. A recent trend that we can really get behind is to add a wallpapered accent wall. With the peel and stick backing and reusable rolls of late, you can easily freshen up an accent wall in your bedroom as often as you like.

Light, Bright & Airy


Most cottage bedrooms start with a neutral base, usually a nice bright white as the color palette. Pastels and lighter primary colors are often used as pairing colors or accents with the white, or everything could be white for a seamless and clean appearance. This light backdrop works perfectly for whatever combination of accents you choose to include.

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Eclectic Furnishings


Most cottage bedrooms ideas are typically unique by nature. Each piece of furniture has its past, present, and future. The vintage pieces should be exceptional and appealing to your eyes. The area around the bedhead is perfect for a mini gallery of old family photographs and vintage accessories.

Regularly, these pieces only require a quick paint job or changing the knobs to get them working well. For an antique feel, it is all about the cottage furniture you choose.

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Simplicity is Stunning


Some of the most beautiful cottage bedrooms keep it simple! Pay less attention to having the most decorative or expensive pieces. Simple furnishings combine to bring a harmonious look. An elegant chandelier, simple sisal floor covering, a bit of greenery, and a simple bed frame would help keep the look calm and unfussy.

Mix but not Match!


Cottage bedrooms ideas outsourced from flea markets give the bedroom a mixed but not a matched feel. Think cozy quilts with patterned accent pillows, antiques combined with new classic furniture pieces, and knick-knacks with special meaning aligned with new favorites.

Cottage Chests & Dressers

When thinking about putting together your cottage-style bedroom retreat, don’t overlook the other furnishings in the room, such as chests and dressers. These are important pieces for your cottage bedrooms.

Quietly elegant, bedroom dressers or chests are key pieces of beach house bedroom furniture, providing much-needed storage for your various clothes collections. They are also a lovely place for your romantic decor like flowers, candles, soft lighting that all work perfectly atop a marvelous chest.

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Romantic Lighting


Whether you are curling up, sleeping, working, or reading, the lighting of your room will help set the tone or, dare we say, “mood.” Focus on how your space is illuminated based on how you use your room most. Just like your bedding, go for a layering of light throughout the room. Use the overhead ceiling light to help cast an even glow over the space.

An elegant chandelier, bedside lamps, flickering candles, and, if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, the soft light from a fire…layered lighting is an easy way to evoke that romantic feel.

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Before you start decorating with these cottage bedrooms ideas, try and visualize how you want your room to look finally.

There is plenty of bedroom layout software that can help you. Try different styles, finishes, and colors before buying anything. The ideas provided here should give you the confidence to go ahead and start your cottage bedroom decoration.

And, as always, Cottage & Bungalow is here to be your resource for cottage furniture! Escape to Your Home >>


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