Cottage Home Decor Trends in 2022

Can you believe that it’s already February? As we are all embracing 2022, we at Cottage and Bungalow wanted to share the Top 5 Cottage Home Decor Trends in 2022. Incorporate these design tips to make your home the coastal cottage escape you dream of!

Cottage Home Decor Trends in 2022

1. Go green, but not with envy!

Swedish Poster Bed

Sustainability continues to be an important trend in today’s world. Spending a lot more time at home in the last couple years has brought forth the importance of creating a soothing environment. We can make our homes more calming, plant-filled and one with nature by incorporating natural wood, plants and the color green. Check out the Swedish Poster Bed, made from sustainable sourced Alderwood with traditional woodworking techniques like mortise-and-tenon jointing. You can’t go wrong with elegant lighting like the Sophia IV Chandelier, made with recycled materials such as hemp and organic cotton. Complete the space with a sustainable fiber rug like the Dunes Natural Woven Jute Rug.

2. Staying ahead of the curve

Regatta Pendant

Whether it is in architectural, auto or furniture design, curves and smooth finishes are in style. Curved furniture styles began in the 1970s – a stark response to the straight, clean line mid-century modern furniture from the 1950s and 1960s. The trend continues to rage on today! Choose seating like the Janelle Ink Settee with rolled arms that feels inviting and warm. Light fixtures that are circular rather than hard angled squares like the Regatta Pendant can add a muted, tranquil feel to a room. Add the Hazel Solid Seafoam Pouf to any room for that extra comfort with a dash of style.

3. Pearls, but not just the ones you wear!

Mother of Pearl Mirror

Think of abalone shells, soaking in the moonlight on the sand on a warm summer evening at the beach. Whether it is on walls, flooring, decor accents or furniture, pearl shades bring understated luxury to your room. Consider this large Mother of Pearl Mirror, versatile and timeless. Or the La Pearla Table Lamp, shapely and sophisticated with overlapping mother-of-pearl buttons on a simple oval, acrylic base. You can always bring the elegant shade to your bedroom with the Trio Pearl Grey Duvet, 400 thread count, 100% cotton with a three-lined pearl grey pattern adding a touch of refinement.

4. Luxury never goes out of fashion

Luxe Marble Decorative Tray

Adding luxe to your home doesn’t require a complete remodel! You can bring it to unexpected corners of your home through furniture, wall decor, lighting fixtures, wall paper or even serve-ware. The Hemingway Cottage Bed Luxe is part of a collection of antique cottage style furniture reminiscent of the influences of late 19th-century furniture. The stunning Gigi Beaded Chandelier, custom made by artisans in the US, has luxe white quartz nuggets that give a cool vibe and evoke strong emotion with the contrasting gold leaf iron chandelier. Or entertain with pizzazz with the Luxe Marble Decorative Tray – your guests are sure to be impressed!

5. Texture matters

Veranda Indoor/Outdoor Natural Rug

Texture is one of the most underestimated characteristics of a room. Attractive to the eyes and to touch, texture gives a space  personality. Choose the Vienna Velvet Grey Quilt to envelope yourself in those sweet dreams! Or the Veranda Natural Rug with a chunky, earthy feel for your feet on these cold, wintry days. And you can always add character to your living room with the Zelah Pillow, made from 80% wool, hand-woven with a down insert.




Bring comfort and style to your home by incorporating these impactful design trends from Cottage and Bungalow. Make your home the insta-worthy coastal cottage you’ve always wanted!

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