Curl Up, Read a Book – Tips for Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

There’s really nothing like curling up with a good book. Whether you love keeping yourself awake in the pages of a new murder mystery or whisking yourself away in the arms of a romance novel, books have a way of taking you to a new place while letting your imagination run wild.

Reading is a not only a fun hobby, it offers respite from the world. Imagine creating an entire space dedicated to a cozy retreat. A reading nook may just be what you’re looking for and we have a few tips for designing the perfect “home getaway.”

Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

Pick Out The Space

First,  pick out the perfect space for your nook. Ideally, when it comes to the reading nook in your beach home design, you’ll select space near a window. Natural lighting is best, it reduces eye strain and you can reap the benefits of absorbing nature into your space. If placing your nook near a window is not an option, not to worry! There are many lighting options that are designed just for this purpose. (More on that below.)

The Cozy Chair + Side Table

Pick out a comfortable, cozy chair and a small reading table to put next to it. Go for a side table with enough room for a lamp, your book, and your favorite drink. To create even more ambiance, leave room for a nice potted plant.

When selecting a chair, choose one that is comfortable yet offers a sufficient amount of lumbar support to keep you comfortable for hours of reading. If you have the space, you may even consider going with a daybed under a window, or if you have seating space built into the window nook just add cushions and a cozy throw to this area. Test out a few options until you find something you’re comfortable with.


Even with natural light, you’ll also want a few carefully chosen coastal light fixtures. You can choose a small table lamp, a lovely sconce, or even a small chandelier for some extra glitz! What is more important is you use a soft, white light, and a proper lamp shade. Hard light will put strain on your eyes. You’re trying to go for the feeling of being outside on a cloudy day. Anything brighter may be too harsh.

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Bring In The House Plants

One thing that really helps with your beach home design is the inclusion of house plants. House plants are great for improving your mental clarity. These plants can function as natural air purifiers as well. Plants, in and of themselves, are a great design piece. They can add a pop of color, create texture and really act to soften a space.

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You’ve probably fallen asleep your share of times after reading a book. So make sure you have something to kick your feet up on. If you are using a daybed this is already covered, but if not, bring out the oversized ottoman for the perfect addition.

Time To Decorate

Now that you have all the key elements in place, it’s time to add a little flair. Perhaps you’d like to include a mirror or some wall accents, maybe you’d like to hang some coastal art. However you design your perfect reading nook, just make sure to keep yourself comfortable and entirely YOU. You know better than anyone else how you like to read and whether you need complete silence or if you want a radio playing in the background to act as mood music for your novel.

Whatever you decide to do and regardless of the decorations, make sure to check out the wide selection of accessories, throws, pillows, and lighting at Cottage & Bungalow. Here you’ll find the perfect additions to your reading nook.

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