Easy DIY She Shed Ideas To Start This Weekend

diy she shed ideas

Dreaming of a space you can call your own? Maybe you’re ready to indulge in some alone time, do a deep dive into your favorite hobby, or simply just relax? A She Shed may be exactly what you’re looking for, and we have some easy DIY ideas to help make your dream a reality.

Ready to dive in, so you can escape?  Let’s get started.

DIY She Shed Ideas

Before you get going, you’ll want your starter space. This can be either a shed you already own (that you can clean out) or a space where you can add the shed. Either way, the structure should be in place before undertaking any of these DIY ideas.

Next, you’ll need to determine how you’re going to use the space. Will it be a reading nook or yoga studio? Maybe you want it as a space to create art or for gardening? Or, maybe you want it to be a non-specific, but comfortable getaway. Here are some ideas to get you started!

It’s the little touches that make it special. Treat every inch of space as if it were a space inside your house.


Image: BHG

Paint the interior and exterior to complement your main home … or not! In fact, a she shed is the perfect place to get a little sassy. You can go bold and bright, or cool and calm. This space is a reflection of everything you want in your very own space, so make it the colors that bring you the most joy.

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Image: Country Living | GRIDLEY + GRAVES

Do you want your she shed to have windows? Bringing the outside in can be extremely calming. You may consider adding or replacing windows. How about a visit to your local salvage yard for reclaimed windows? You can even mix-and-match for an eclectic look and feel.

We recommend adding light and airy window coverings such as simple white linen curtains for a breezy, earthy feel.

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Image: Arch Ziner

Flooring for your she shed can be as simple as a concrete pad, plywood, made from reclaimed flooring from the aforementioned salvage yard, or pavers. How about using leftover flooring materials from a previous home project? Or start from scratch with fresh new materials. Since a she shed space isn’t that large, it won’t take much to fix up what’s underfoot.

Don’t forget the rugs! An indoor/outdoor rug is PERFECT in this instance.


Image:  Janis Nicolay | Country Living

To create the ultimate getaway space, you’ll definitely want some sort of furniture. Whether it’s a simple chair, small sofa, or even a comfy day bed, furnishings are essential! If space permits, you’ll want to add a coffee table, some end tables and shelving, too.


Image: House Beautiful

Here’s where your DIY she shed project gets fun. It’s time to add some accessories! Coastal pillows, your favorite knick-knacks, plants, lighting, art… here’s where it comes together.

However your she shed ends up, just remember this is YOUR space and anything goes! The goal is to have a sanctuary you can escape to that is a destination you can relax, create, or simple be.

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