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palm beach decor ideas

Some days we can’t help but daydream about a Florida getaway. Driving along the coast soaking in the sun those bright fresh colors. The look and feel of white-washed houses and palm trees pull you in, cool you off and make you feel instantly relaxed. These are just a few reasons why we love the Palm Beach design style.

The Palm Beach look is bold, breezy, and bright. Why not bring this Floridian style to your beach home? The warm colors shine through, and this decorating technique exudes a certain confidence with the hot pinks, lime greens, fluorescent turquoise palette. These are happy colors! It’s hard not to smile when you walk into a space done just right in a Palm Beach theme; if you’re new to it or want more tips on how best to maintain that pride-of-place feeling in your coastal dwelling then here are some pointers.

Palm Beach Decor Tips

Bring in the Tropics

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As is the case with any beach or nautical theme, you need to incorporate beach elements to get the classic Palm Beach style. Use decor elements that come naturally to Florida shores like shells and coral, but don’t overdo it. Instead, these should be used as little accent pieces and left at that. Wallpaper can be the focal point of the room too.  Tropical wallpaper or large prints can be the first layer you use to build the room around. It’s the 1960s again, and you can revel in it!

Weave in Whites

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The white backdrop of Palm Beach style is the perfect way to add a classy, sophisticated feel to your home. White should be used in the wall color and through furniture as a base color. Incorporate bright colors through furniture, vibrant accent pillows, and coastal rugs to bring life into any room with this festive design style.

Layer in Natural Elements

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Adding a natural wood-type element is a must – even if it is a colored piece. Think bamboo, wicker, or rattan. These materials are easy to match with other pieces in the room and go especially well with lacquered pieces. Small side tables or the occasional chair here give major impact to a space and pair nicely with all the other colorful elements.

Show Some Shine

palm beach decor

Harper’s Bazaar

Bright colors and natural elements shouldn’t prevent you from adding a few shimmery pieces to your room! In fact, sparkly accents bring a certain depth to a lively space. Infuse metallics through accent pieces such as a luxe gold decorative tray, gold mirror or other shiny additions.

Vibrant Colors are a Must

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If there is one thing that is certain, it’s that Palm Beach decor is always bursting with color – bright and vivacious, bold and varied. There are many blends that lend themselves to Palm Beach design. Pink, white and green are a popular combination, yellows and greens, corals and blues, and even black and white. This eclectic style can be whatever you dream up!

Palm Fronds are Your Friends

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The quickest and easiest way to evoke the feeling of living in Palm Beach is by adding tropical greenery throughout the space. Leafy palms are a key element to a Palm Beach-inspired home. You can go subtle by placing a few palm leaves in a simple glass vase as an accent piece or be bold with fauna-filled wallpaper.

Textiles Reign

Caribbean design style

Don’t be afraid to add embroidered designs such as carpets, mats, and wall hangings into your Palm Beach decor. Take advantage of white-and-neutral backgrounds to help your unique pieces, in conjunction with one another, stand out in various rooms. Consider all surfaces! Floor, walls, even the ceiling. Opportunities for infusing the look and feel of the tropics are everywhere.

Reflective Light Multiplies a Space

palm beach decor ideas reflective light

Sometimes the simplest trick can have a huge impact on how your home feels. One of the easiest ways to make it feel brighter is by using reflective surfaces, and there are quite a few you can use around your house for this purpose. To start with, consider a high-gloss paint on your walls, the extra shine will reflect natural light throughout the space.

Mirrors are another simple trick for moving the light around your room to make it seem brighter and more spacious. Find a few mirrors that you can hang or cluster together, strategically placed in different areas of the space will help direct natural light from windows all across the room.

Add a sense of space and light to your home with glass décor. Place items such as glass bowls, knickknacks, and furniture made from clear material throughout the room for an elegant appearance that also makes it brighter.

Relax Into an At-Home Sanctuary

palm beach decor ideas


As we know, living in Florida is all about relaxation. When it comes to designing Palm Beach-style homes, you’ll want a space where you can unwind from the stresses of everyday life and escape into an oasis that’s truly yours. To do this, consider how all the senses will be stimulated.

  • First, find a quiet space
  • You’ll want it to be filled with calming colors and textures such as lightly colored walls, soft pillows, and throws.
  • Natural light is great, or at the very least ensure you have dimmable lights.
  • Create a sacred space with items with which you feel a connection such as natural objects, photos of family, items representing your religion.
  • Bring in different essential oils to help facilitate a state of relaxation – chamomile and lavender are excellent choices.

Relieve your stresses and get into that relaxed state of Florida.

Shoutout to all the Shapes

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When it comes to Palm Beach style, and you’re adding patterns, you can just keep going! Palm frond prints are a tried and true favorite, but almost nothing is off-limits: chinoiserie, stripes, floral, chintz, metallic, animal print…even Elvis! Combining patterns is fun and festive.

Indoors Go Out

palm beach decor ideas


There is a lot of outdoor living in Florida! You can set up a full room outside and enjoy it most of the year (the summers may get a little hot, but fans and a pool help). Get the look and feel by creating your own outdoor living space and don’t be shy about filling it with your favorite decor items, so you can enjoy it any time of the day.

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Your beach home should make you feel like you are away from the hustle and bustle of work life. One of the best ways to do this is with the help of a new decor style. Palm Beach is a beautiful and relaxing beach theme you can bring throughout the home or into one or two rooms. You’ll fall in love with your beach house all over again, and for the perfect accent and accessories to go with the Palm Beach look, check out our extensive selection at Cottage and Bungalow.

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