Get Ready for Summer Home Decor 2020!

When we think of summer home decor, we envision bright pops of color, airy accent pieces and fresh accessories. Fashionable looks this year include a few of these classic summer home trends but with a twist. They’re fun and fresh with long-term staying power. Think floral wallpaper, antique arts, and plenty of pattern play.  Are you ready to usher in a new decade of summer design?

summer home decor 2020

Here are our top picks for summer home decor 2020, including favorites making a comeback and new trends you should be ready to embrace. Lighten the look of your home for the summer with these breezy décor ideas.

Summer Home Decor 2020 – 5 Trends to Embrace

Cheerful, Bright and Playful

Floral wallpaper has been trending upward for the past couple of years and it will continue to make a splash in coastal homes this summer, but in a much more modern update. Vibrant colors, a mix of pretty patterns, and flowers everywhere are here to stay. Not ready to fully commit? Check out some of the new stick-on options.

summer home decor 2020 - wallpaper

Milton and King

More wallpaper trends we’re loving include wallpapered ceilings, 3-D wallpaper, and metallics. Expect to see more bold and playful looks this year for truly dramatic feature bedrooms and living spaces.

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Going Beyond Pale Monochromatics

summer home decor 2020

Damask & Dentelle

One defining trend of the 2010s were pale-colored monochromatic rooms in colors such as taupe or gray or white. But designers predict that the 2020 trend will allow you to have a bright and airy space without restricting yourself to one color scheme.  Now is the time for contrast, darken your darks (in moderation, of course), layer your pieces and get comfortable mixing and matching old and new  For example, you’ll see light colored room with a black accent wall. Pairing bold colors and pieces is fresh, yet timeless.

Canopy Beds

summer home decor 2020

Traditional elegance with a twist is definitely on-point this year, breathing fresh life into a design from the past, such as canopy beds. Modern canopy beds need not be draped in linens to give you that regal feeling. Clean lines and modern finishes make canopy bed frames a bold and beautiful bedroom design choice.

Natural Elements

summer home decor 2020- rattan


We happen to think adding natural elements to your home decor is always on-trend! Moving pieces made from wicker, jute, and rattan from the back deck and turning them into a statement piece in your inside living spaces is a warm, inviting and a playful way to balance modern and traditional.

Pattern Play

summer home decor 2020 - patterns

Brooke Wagner Design

It should come as no surprise that patterns are here to stay, you can find them on nearly everything. The key is to not overdo it. Adding pops of pattern in unexpected places will add a touch of whimsy, yet still feel grounded.

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Blue is the New Gray

summer home decor 2020Dura Supreme Cabinetry

With the announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year (Classic Blue), we’re seeing blue slowly replace the classic grays we’ve seen for the past few years. Go bold with Classic Blue kitchen cabinets, as an accent wall or sprinkled into your space through textiles and furniture. It’s elegant and uplifting.

With these exciting home decor trends, now it’s a perfect time to refresh your home. If you want to make a statement this year, then be ready to embrace summer home decor 2020. From the classic blue, floral wallpaper, to colored cabinets, these are the 2020 trends that you can add on your list when updating your home.

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