Liven Up Your Beach House Without Breaking the Bank

Your beach house means so much more than just the location of your property. It’s the feeling you’ve created on the inside. The colors you choose, the memorabilia, the way you’ve carefully combined all your favorite pieces – in addition to the proximity (or not) to the beach – come together to help calm your mind and your senses. Which becomes a safe retreat no matter the world circumstances.

If you’re looking to add more calm and balance in your life, while the need to splurge, check out these ideas we have for you.

Beach House Design on a Budget

Freshen Up Your Front Door


Altering the look of your door will offer an exciting new take on your home. This can be as easy as painting it a new color, adding a new outdoor rug, or even new hardware. Painting your front door a fresh shade of blue is always in season!

If you’re interested in changing the entire door there are even more options. You can opt for a door with new windows, or go for an old-fashioned dutch door. You might be surprised to hear this style of door is coming back.

Inspired Bedroom Ideas


For redesigning your bedroom on a budget, there’s nothing more inexpensive than a simple rearranging of furniture. But for other cost-effective ideas for freshening up your space, how about these?

– Bring in new bedding. New bedding always invites freshness to a space.

–  Trade in an old bed frame with a new wall-mounted headboard, like a salvaged antique door.

– Change out your bedroom art. There’s nothing like seeing a piece in a totally new light to highlight it.

– Wallpaper is making a huge comeback, consider adding it to an accent wall.

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Add Wall Moulding


Adding interest, texture and detail to a plain wall is easier than you may have realized with wall moulding. Wall moulding is surprisingly easy to add yourself and doesn’t cost much. It also gives you a natural line for separating your main paint and accent colors. You can go with a classic English Tudor look, or spring for a tropical design. Either way, way looking at a beach house design on a budget, this is a fantastic way to quickly transform a room in just a few hours of work.

Pillow, Rugs & Other Colorful Accessories

If you want to keep the interior clean with white walls and plenty of window space let your pillows, rugs or other accessories do the talking. Accents are a great way to bring life and color to the room without investing in other big ticket items.

Everything You Need to Expertly Outfit Your Beach House

Just a few quick and easy ideas to refresh on a budget. It’s truly amazing what just a small accent pillow or basket can do for an entire room. When you want to combine decorating with a beach house design on a budget you will want to check out the latest at Cottage & Bungalow. Here you’ll find decorating ideas and items for every room. Whether you’re updating the guest bedroom or the entire home, make sure to look at all the current goodies available on the website. You’ll find some amazing options that can transform every room of the house.

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