Living Room Paint Ideas for Your Beach House

Living Room Paint Ideas for Your Beach House

One thing that we have noticed with beach house interior design in general is that many people seem to be afraid to use color. Time and time again we see nothing but plain white walls with the only splash of color coming from a few throw blankets or accent pieces here and there.

Living Room Paint Ideas for Your Beach House

We want to encourage you to step out of the box. Let your creative juices flow and live on the edge. Do something crazy and outlandish and throw some color on your walls. If you’re not sure which colors to choose, we have a few options that will get you started. All of the colors and color schemes mentioned will go well in any beach house and will create a warm, welcoming feeling to your living area.

Gray via Completely-Coastal

The first color scheme we absolutely loved came to us from Completely Coastal. It’s called Costal Gray and we find it to be pure, simple, and relaxing. The Coastal Gray color scheme consists of different shades of gray that are used throughout the living area. Choose one color as your base and use the others as accents. We really like how the darker gray was used as the main color on the walls. It gives a certain depth to the room and makes it feel cozy and inviting.

Beach Color Schemes via BeachBlissLiving

If gray is not your color, consider one of these other creative color schemes from Better Homes and Gardens and Choose from shades of seafoam green, country blue, or even a combination of colors that are sure to bring life to any dull beach house living room. If you’re not completely sold on using something bold as your main color, go ahead and paint the walls white and use a more vibrant color as an accent.

Seafoam Living Room via Completely Coastal

The next living room color scheme we found has a crisp, clean feeling. This design from Completely Coastal incorporates the basic white trim, door, and ceiling with light seafoam walls and dark flooring. This incredible pairing of darks, lights, and colors is perfectly balanced and breaths life into a room that could otherwise be quite boring. The natural lighting and foliage brings just a touch of nature indoors as well.

Yellow Walls via BeachBlissLiving

We can describe the next living room color combination in one word: fun. In this image from Beach Bliss Living, the bright yellow walls make the room come alive with energy and spirit.

As you can tell, you could add just about any color accent piece you want to this area and it would fit in magnificently. The designer even chose to pain the ceiling yellow, making the walls and ceiling blend perfectly with one another. When we look at these rooms, it’s as if someone dumped a huge bucket of happiness and vivacity into them.

Adding a splash of color to your beach house living room doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Take the time to visit your local paint store and pick up some swatches of colors you like. Bring them home and try to visualize how your beach house living room would look should you choose that particular color as the main color for the room.

Keep in mind, if you want to go with the darker gray that we mentioned earlier you can always lighten up the room a bit with white trim, ceiling, and doors. If you are ever unsure of your color choices, you can always consult an interior designer before making a decision.

Remember, it’s only paint. If you don’t like it you can always choose something else, so don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and try something new. You never know, you just might like it.

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