Looking for Inspiration? 7 Modern Living Rooms You’ll Love

A modern living room is not about sleek furniture and cold surfaces. A modern living room should be comfortable and welcoming and easily accommodate the needs of modern families. It is complete with the latest technological advances while still being comfortable enough for you to “multi-task” on any given day. Whether they’re napping on an armchair or working from their temporary office – everyone will feel welcome in this multi-functional space.

One of the simplest ways to create a modern living room is with clean, uncluttered lines in furnishings or walls and full immersion into the latest technology trends to help bring together a space that’s relevant yet still very comfortable.

If you’re looking to brighten and modernize your space, check out these living room trends we’ve uncovered!

Modern Living Room Ideas for a new Era

Redefining Entertainment Spaces

Trevor Tondro | elledecor.com

Our idea of the entertainment space has changed since the pandemic.

Decorators are seeing bigger TVs, better sound systems, and more comfortable seating in living rooms as homeowners spend more time at home. If you’re thinking about changing up your living rooms this season, then this might be the time to get that home theater system that you’ve always dreamt of to help you enjoy movie night in style!

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Bold and Vibrant Colors

Julia Lynn | veranda.com

While classic colors never go out of style, spring is the perfect time to experiment with vibrant colors!

Bring back life into your living room with youthful and vibrant colors like yellow, gold, purple, and green. Mix and match wall colors and accent pieces to make this into your new favorite space.

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Keep it Simple

Joy Moyler | veranda.com

Having a hard time mixing and matching colors? Another way to breathe life into your living space is by scaling back to something a bit simpler. 

With minimalism growing in popularity, simple furniture, neutral palettes, and great lighting can make the difference for a cozy and relaxing space.

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Par Bengtsson | elledecor.com

Can’t decide between neutrals and bold colors and patterns? Then why not all of them?

Play around with all these elements in your next living room design project. Mix in antique and attention-grabbing pieces with your neutral ones and see how they complement each other.

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Plants and Patterns

Brain Woodcock | veranda.com

If you developed a newfound appreciation for gardening during the pandemic, then why not incorporate that into your next living room redesign project?

Make your living space spring-ready with floral and plant patterns and your beloved house plants to compliment that great view of your garden.

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Design For Everyone

Design Sponge

Keeping everyone in the family comfortable and entertained is a key element to today’s modern spaces. Mix and match seating areas, use complementary textures and throw in some extra storage for the win.

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A Feast for the Eyes

Style by Emily Henderson

Modern? Yes. Boring? Never. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and test out what you may like or not like.

Dress Up Tech

MONICA WANG | MyDomaine.com

If you can’t decide between art or a TV, why not compromise? The Frame by Samsung is a TV with a screen mode that allows you to choose an art piece to take the place of a black screen when the TV is off.

Double Duty Coffee Tables

Cottage & Bungalow | Pinfold Coffee Table

The coffee table is a key focal point in your living area. Include one in your space that can serve double duty. Use it for game night, extra seating, to hide remote controls, or as a cocktail table.

For many homeowners, the living room has become a much more important part of their homes since the pandemic. As we continue to spend most of our days inside, grab the opportunity this spring to revitalize the energy inside your modern living room. 

Common Questions about Modern Living Rooms

NeONBRAND | Unsplash

What is a modern living room?

A modern living room uses minimal ornamentation and color schemes so as not to take away from natural beauty. They are often sleekly decorated with contemporary furniture made of easy-to-maintain materials; they also usually contain technology features like hi-def TVs, wireless speakers for streaming music wirelessly throughout the home(or even outside), digital photo frames that can be programmed to show different pictures throughout the day.

A modern living room has clean lines in furnishings or walls, full immersion into current technology trends, and reflects simplicity in design without distractions.

How Do I Get The Look of a Modern Living Room?

To get the look and feel of a modern living room, use modern furnishings made of natural materials and easy-to-clean surfaces. Faux fur, for instance, is an inexpensive way to provide texture without worrying about permanent spills or stains. Focus on clean lines in both furniture and walls: avoid clutter whenever possible or strategically place it so it stands out.

Focus on simplicity rather than distractions (i.e., too many bookshelves) when decorating personal items like photos and artwork. You want your living room guests to feel welcome—not overwhelmed by layers upon layers of knick-knacks.

Consider adding technology features like wireless speakers for streaming music wirelessly through the home, digital photo frames programmed weekly, or use lighting systems that detect your presence and adjust accordingly.

How Do I Make the Modern Design Style Feel Warm and Inviting?

To keep your home cozy while adhering to the aesthetics of a modern living room, try using floor-to-ceiling curtains to give the room an inviting feel. You’ll also want to think about adding a few modern accents, like accent lighting and sleek furniture pieces that have clean lines—think metal or glass tops paired with velvet upholstery in taupes and beiges.

For color schemes, choose warm neutrals for walls (like greige) without too much of one hue throughout them, so you don’t overwhelm your guests’ senses. For example, if you’re decorating your living room with light blue walls, try pairing it with neutral blue couches and chairs instead of going all out on light blues as well. This will help create balance within the space while still giving off a cool vibe at first glance.

Texture is key when balancing out the look and feel of your space. Mix up natural materials like wood and stone with sleek modern furniture to give it a warm touch.

Sidekix Media | Unsplash

When Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

You know it’s time to hire an interior designer when your living room needs a major revamp. Re-doing your space from the ground up with all new furniture and décor often requires someone who knows what they’re doing to ensure a cohesive look. A professional interior designer can help you fill in any gaps in color, texture or style that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

How do I Decorate a Small Space?

Here are some quick tips for decorating a small living room.

  • Keep furniture minimal and arrange it to best fit the space. If you’re tight on room, try a sofa that ends at one wall so there’s more floor space for people to walk around or use your coffee table as seating for informal gatherings.
  • Use visually light objects like plants, mirrors, artwork, and rugs in order to create depth and make the small living room look larger than it is without feeling claustrophobic. This way you can enjoy your modern living rooms while not sacrificing any of their functionality.
  • Choose modern furniture to give it a clean, open look and feel.
  • Keep the room clutter free so you can utilize all of your space for living without feeling crowded or boxed in. This also goes hand in hand with keeping as many things out of sight as possible like TVs, computer desks, bookshelves etcetera.
  • Use lighting strategically to highlight certain areas of the room while leaving others subdued and use mirrors on walls that are parallel to one another at different heights to make the small living room seem bigger than it is. The more natural light coming through windows means less electric lights needed which will save you both time (in terms of turning them off) and money (in terms of electricity costs).

Can I Include Vintage Design Ideas in a Modern Living Room?

Yes! You may have inherited an antique from any era from parents or grandparents which would look lovely as artwork on a wall, for example; you might add quirky table lamps or throw pillows with geometric patterns to tie together all those pieces into one cohesive feel.

The modern living room is a reflection of who you are. It’s reflective in how it looks, but also what it feels like to be there. If your space says “relax and enjoy,” then that should be the vibe going on around you: from the lighting to the furniture choices, all designed with long-lasting comfort in mind. With these tips and tricks at your fingertips, designing an inviting modern living room has never been easier!

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