Nantucket Style Home Decor Ideas for Your Beach Home

nantucket style home decor

If you’re looking for a coastal design style that is always on point, look no further than the highly sought after “Nantucket Style.” Originating from a tiny island off Cape Cod, it is a design style that sprouts from the foundation of New England practicality and of the island’s romantic beach culture. Nantucket style may have taken root on the east coast, but these coastal design features can be incorporated into whatever beach town you may be residing.

Nantucket style is chic and airy with fresh, organic elements. Large spaces, open windows, wainscoting and soothing colors are base elements throughout the home.  Signature hues are light and bright with a layering of natural materials. There is a timeworn sensibility of fundamental spareness that harkens back to the days when necessity trumped aesthetics. Nantucket design is well-edited, yet inviting.

If you’re smitten, here are some inspiring ideas to incorporate Nantucket style home decor.

Nantucket Style Home Decor Ideas

Shore-inspired colors


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The classic Nantucket palette pulls from the coastal surroundings. The blues of the sea, creamy tones of the sand, the wide variety of browns and beiges of the earth on a backdrop of crisp white are incorporated in every aspect from floors to fabrics and furniture to accessories.

Sturdy, comfortable furniture


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To stand up to sandy feet and salty air, furniture pieces and floor coverings are durable, yet comfortable. Choose upholstered pieces in durable linen or cotton twill. Durable, sturdy rugs and tables with heft. Enhance the look with traditional detailing and organic accessories.

Nautical accents


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Nantucket style home decor would not be complete without the iconic motifs of life on the ocean: anchors, shells, rope knots, nautical flags. As with any design pattern, it is best to incorporate them with a restrained hand. Consider sprinkling your nautical pieces throughout the space with accent pillows or accessories, you may also consider grouping a few sculptural finds together on a shelf or mantel rather than scattering them around the room.

Airy style. Organic elements. 

Tried and true to its coastal roots, the Nantucket style is driven by a sense of being one with surroundings. Wide open spaces grounded with organic pieces help to bring the natural balance inside. Wood plank flooring, painted wood walls and ceilings, seashells, seaglass and botanical art help to pull it all together.

Nantucket style home decor is not fussy. It’s practical, functional and speaks to coastal surroundings. How will you incorporate this look into your coastal home? Get more great ideas from our Nautical Style Pinterest board.

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