Our Favorite Bungalow House Colors for 2022

bungalow house colors

The next hottest colors are already rolling in for the coming year. These hues are versatile – inspired by colors of the sun, sea, sand, or sky. If a color refresh is a priority on your to-do list, these trendy color palettes may be the fix to zhoosh up your home in 2022.

Beautiful Bungalow House Colors for 2022

Whether you are looking for a vast or subtle change, these favorite bungalow house colors are drawn from trends in fashion, technology, pop culture, and timeless style-classic neutrals.

Liveable Green by Sherwin Williams

bungalow house colors | liveable green

Interior designers all agree that 2022 will be the year for gray-green, and Sherwin Williams variation with Liveable Green is a gorgeous option.  This sophisticated hue symbolizes the natural world’s harmony and balance. It is subtle enough to be used in many ways in your bungalow. For instance, it may make a colorful welcome in the entry or a pop of color against fresh white kitchen cabinetry.

The soft green shades add just enough vibrancy to your home while complementing the surrounding greenery.

Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore 

bungalow house colors

Image source: Life on Virginia Street

You can never go wrong with a color scheme using classic navy in a cottage home, and Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore is a stunning timeless choice. It’s a cool paint color well complemented with creamy or crisp whites bungalow house colors. Hale Navy is even more stunning when combined with natural accents, such as warm wood furnishings and natural fiber rugs.

Turquoise Porcelain by Valspar

bungalow house colors

Turquoise is a beautiful hue for a bathroom. It offers a sense of distinction without being too heavy or severe, and it has an elegant elegance that lacks the intensity of dark navy.  Turquoise Porcelain by Valspar is one of our favorites because it provides a bold taste of the sea without feeling shy or delicate. This trait also makes it a perfect hue for a hallway or an accent wall.

Oyster White by Sherwin Williams

bungalow house colors

Creamy warm hues are very much on-trend. Despite its name, Oyster White by Sherwin Williams leans on the cool side of the greige family (a mix between gray and beige) and one can note this difference when compared with other white paint samples. It’s a chameleon color that changes with the light, so be mindful of the space you choose to incorporate this changing color. When paired with light blue-green creamy hues, the color pop looks divine.

Breezeway by Behr

bungalow house colors

Breezeway by Behr is a soft, silvery-green color with cool undertones that reminds us of glistening shards of sea glass. The name itself refers to the passage from one area to the next, and the hue encourages us to enjoy our outdoor hobbies and pastimes.

Breezeway’s color serves as the groundwork for a wide range of design styles, from casual to coastal to modern and antique. It’s ideal for bedrooms and living rooms because it may be easily transitioned from one style to the next.

Faded Terracotta by Farrow & Ball

bungalow house colors

While neutral tones appear to be popular, there’s an appetite to spice things up. Faded Terracotta by Farrow & Ball is a warm, earthy tone that complements lighter creams, deeper browns, and sage green wonderfully.

Warm Neutrals

In recent years, the bright white color has stolen the hearts of many homeowners, and for a good reason. When chosen well, the appropriate white paint can entirely transform your bungalow into a warm, welcoming home.

In 2022, however, you should watch out for warm off-whites and other cozy colors. There are infinite shades of white, and they are often used for fostering a bright and cheery mood. Farrow & Ball’s All White for a coastal home is a brilliant choice. It’s soft rather than a cool white, and it also complements both bold and softer beachy colors.

Ready for New Bungalow House Colors?

Right now, it seems most people are keen on making their homes their sanctuaries. People are leaning towards creative expression, and what better way than to make your home more delightful and welcoming with these top picks for bungalow house colors?

Whichever bungalow house color you choose, make sure it makes your home more cohesive, exciting, and inviting.

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