Simple Thanksgiving Tablescapes for Coastal Entertaining

When you think of Thanksgiving, what immediately comes to mind? Is it turkey or pumpkin pie…maybe Granny’s homemade cranberry sauce? Putting on the perfect Thanksgiving meal is more than just the food. It is presentation. Presentation welcomes your guests to the dinner table of features your favorite holiday dishes in unforgettable ways. So whether longtime friends or cherished family members are pulling chairs up to your table, here are a few simple Thanksgiving tablescapes for your coastal beach house.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Bring in Nature

simple thanksgiving tablescapes
Image credit: Camille Styles

One of the simplest ways to create a gorgeous tablescape is with natural elements. Take advantage of all the gourds available for sale at the supermarket. After Halloween, you can usually pick up different colors to spruce up your simple Thanksgiving tablescape. Also, consider using beach wood as well. Dried out wood when combined with the colorful gourds ties in not only the Thanksgiving feeling but your local environment as well. If driftwood is not easily available, and you’d like to recreate the look above, you’ll love our Driftwood Orb Chandelier as a gorgeous substitute.

Personalized Settings

simple thanksgiving tablescapes
Image source: TomKat Studio

Small details, such as personalized place settings can make guests feel quite special. There are many variations of personalization – create tags for napkins or go bold with a personalized plate. Another idea is to use a natural element with this feature. Pick up some twine and create name tags, then tie the name tags to gourds, pears and other organic material by each seat. It’s fun, everyone will love it, and it really doesn’t take long to do. Plus, if you want to keep colors unified, go with the white gourds for a neutral appearance. This allows the name tags to really pop. Can’t find white gourds? Apply white spraypaint on a colored gourd and voila.

Go Nautical

simple thanksgiving tablescapes nautical
Image source: Between Naps on the Porch

Who says we need to stick with tradition when it comes to our Thanksgiving table? A thematic table will not only bring a smile to the faces of your guests, it’ll give you an opportunity to showcase one of your favorite decor styles. A nautical style infuses classic colors such as navy and white, along with natural elements such as rope and netting. Explore some of our nautical themed dinnerware pieces to coordinate with your theme.

Simple and Elegant

simple thanksgiving tablescapes - simplicity
Image source: Bless’er House

Using local flowers and vegetation, paired with some books and candles is a simple, elegant and easy way to create a stunning Thanksgiving tablescape. Tie together your beach home look with our Blue Crab Tablerunner and build your pieces around it.

Beach Colors Reign

simple thanksgiving tablescapes - beachy
Image Source: Sand & Sisal

Layering the light and airy colors you love year round on a sturdy, family-friendly table is inviting and stylish. The Tiffany blue plates really contrast the background of the natural elements that surround them. Stylish and oh so elegant. Gourds, starfish, and candles round out this look.

It’s All in the Napkins

simple thanksgiving tablescapes - napkins
Image source:

The easiest option to dress up your table is to get creative with your napkins. Shape your napkin into a turkey for the kids, tie with a bow for a more elegant look, fold into a utensil holder or, keep it simple and fragrant like adding a sprig of rosemary and a customized printout (template available for download here).

Say It With Shells


Nothing says “beachy Thanksgiving” more than a centerpiece that contains shells like this gorgeous one from Artsy Chicks Rule. Simply fill your favorite crockery bowl with shells and top it with painted mini pumpkins and gourds. Add a few candles for the perfect ambiance. The mix of light blues and bronze in this tablescape brings color to your table but is in keeping with our beach house theme. We love how each guest gets their own painted gourd to take home as a souvenir to remind them of them wonderful memories made.

A Pop of Color

Blue Crab dishes from

Traditionally, the Thanksgiving holiday is filled with shades of bright oranges and yellows but on the beach, we do things a little differently. These gorgeous dishes from Cottage and Bungalow are a perfect representation of beach living at its best. Sporting a gorgeous blue crab these dishes will be the talk of your holiday dinner party. We suggest using white linens for your table to really make the blue crab stand out. The sand and surf may be outdoors, but you can bring a little of the ocean to your tablescape with these lovely table settings.

Great Gourds

Coastal Autumn-Fall Centerpiece from

This is a cute little idea from Coastal Shore Creations that will be inexpensive to create and a huge hit with your guests. Pull out your favorite basket and line it with your choice of Fall fabrics. Next, purchase some small gourds from your local grocery store and paint them shades of light blue, white, and orange. Put the painted gourds in the basket and use dried starfish or shells as accents. Finally, add a candle of your choice and you’ve got an impressive centerpiece for your beach-themed Thanksgiving dinner.

Candle and Color Extravaganza

Coastal Table from

The last idea we wanted to share with you is from Everything Coastal. It caught our eye because of the perfect balance of traditional Fall colors with those of the beach. This tablescape begins with a simple white linen tablecloth. Add a brightly colored table runner down the middle to draw your guest’s eyes to the center of the table. Here, place candles of all sizes; we love how the taller candles in this picture are placed in vases with just a bit of sand in the bottom and a starfish for added detail. Once you’ve placed your china, silver, and stemware at each place setting you have the complete package for a beach Thanksgiving your guests won’t soon forget.

Don’t ever be apprehensive about switching traditions up a bit in order to suit your beach house theme. Feel free to break out and create new traditions. There are a thousand and one unique ways to decorate and design your way through the holidays without having to sacrifice being in the place you love; your beach house.

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Main Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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