Beach Cottage Bathroom Ideas & Decor Your Guests Will Love

beach cottage bathroom ideas

When you live in a desirable location, such as the beach, it goes without saying you may have the wonderful opportunity to host overnight guests. So why not go all out on your beach house or cottage bathroom decor? Whether you’ll be inviting friends and family members to your beach home during the holidays or beyond, you can create a spa-like experience your guests will love. But the sea-inspired designs of a coastal bathroom can be enjoyed even if you live miles from the shore.

beach cottage bathroom ideas

Here are six beach cottage bathroom ideas that can transform or freshen up your space to match the rest of your coastal retreat and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Beach Cottage Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Coastal Cool

beach cottage bathroom ideas calm
Image credit: It’s Your Home

Coastal charm is all about color. Start by painting an accent wall in a lighter shade of blue to emulate the calming effect of the ocean. Then add light and airy curtains to capture the sea breeze when the windows are open. A good option is simple white panels that will provide for a lovely contrast against the blue accent wall. Top the look off with a few small beachy accents like a conch shell, starfish or a bouquet of Calla Lilies.

2. Natural Chic

beach cottage bathroom ideas
Image credit : Mike Schaap Builders

Bathroom design doesn’t have to be all about maritime blue or turquoise or white. You can have a sophisticated look with the brown and beige palette. For a look that is more on the natural side, start by using a tile with the natural brown & white hues of sand on the floors or walls. If you decide to add an accent tile to punctuate the space, select something in a warm beige color to complement the remainder of the room. Contemporary and classic (think Italian design) designs work well with the brown and beige hues. Just be sure to pull the entire look together with cozy bath towels and rugs.

3. Funky Fish


To add a touch of fun to your beach cottage bathroom, consider a fish-forward design. Add some pizazz with a fun wall hanging and add in a few perfectly placed fish accessories, and your guest bathroom will come to life in a new and unexpected way.

4. Nautically Nice

beach cottage bathroom ideas
Image source: HomeTalk

Nautical is an attractive and sea-worthy theme that will offer your guests a sailor’s paradise. Stick with a classic color palette of blue and white, add a circular mirror, handcrafted driftwood anchor and perhaps a few boat cleats for practicality. Consider adding a port window which can make the space even more fun.

5. Contemporary Classics

beach cottage bathroom ideas
Image source: Jenna Sue Design

A modern way of bringing the beach into your bathroom is incorporating materials like a pebble stone tile for the flooring and walls. The smooth stones will give your guests the feeling of being at the beach without actually being there. Continue the tile into the shower to make everything seamless and add a bit of nautical luxury with a rain-shower shower head. Finish the look off by selecting simple, modern fixtures and clean, plush linens.

6. Funky Floor Designs

beach cottage bathroom ideas
Image source: TopDreamer

Love it hate it…we had to mention that one of the latest trends is 3D Floor Designs, realistic murals that can be installed similar to traditional flooring. Common themes for 3D Flooring include water, fish, dolphins, and sand. Though other designs have included florals, animals, and sea life. Visit this website for additional information on this new design technology.

You could also customize your space by combining beach cottage bathroom decor elements from all of these ideas for the ultimate getaway, but be careful … your guest may never want to leave!


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