Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, which means that people are set on planning menus and thinking of ways to decorate their homes for this autumnal event. Family get-togethers are a time to enjoy good food with loved ones while sharing our blessings with one another.

Decorations on tables, mantels, bookshelves and other common spaces are a way to make your holiday gatherings a much more festive event. This is where Thanksgiving table decor ideas come into play.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

This year, there are several simple ways you can incorporate the element of autumn into your home to give it that special holiday touch. From adding leaves to candles, it’s easy to bring the outside in this autumnal season.

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

First, never have a centerpiece that blocks the view across the table. Always be sure your guests can see through decor to guests seated at opposite ends. Also, be careful of tall slender elements that are not well-grounded. Dinner can quickly come to a halt if a slender candle is knocked over causing a fire or a tall vase gets spilled. Third, keep the clutter to a minimum. As you are setting the places, be sure each guest has ample elbow room as well as space on the tabletop for all of their needs.

Add Leaves to Your Table


A simple and inexpensive seasonal display that can add a festive lightheartedness to your table is to add colorful leaves to your table. You can also add faux leaves in autumnal colors — orange, yellow, and brown — to the center of your dining table or any other common space in your home for an easy way to incorporate the season.

Bring in Other Elements of Autumn

Pumpkins and hay bales may be more commonly associated with Halloween than Thanksgiving, but they’re still great elements to use when decorating inside this fall. Pumpkins can come in many shapes and sizes; try placing them around candles on tables or shelves for an interesting display. Hay bales are wonderful choices too if you want something big that takes up a lot of visual space.

Well-Crafted Cornucopias

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The best holiday tablescape is beautifully set with items that are useful and lovely, sprinkled with a bit of whimsy. Have you ever had a cornucopia on your table? Also called a Horn of Plenty, the history of the cornucopia starts long before the first Thanksgiving and dates back to Greek Mythology. Now, they are typically filled with fruit, nuts, flowers, and gourds, but there is no specific rule of what to put in it. The best idea is to make it useful and beautiful and add a splash of playfulness. Make your cornucopia interesting by using a colorful bowl or one that can be set on its side for authenticity.

Here are some ideas to make your cornucopia more useful and beautiful!

Festive Thanksgiving Bowls

Serve up a salad in a festive turkey bowl and even the pickiest of guests are sure to gobble it right up!

Lovely Lighting

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If cornucopias aren’t your thing, you could spruce up your space with beautiful lighting. Lighting should come from above as well as on the table. Instead of candlesticks that can be unstable and obstruct views, consider adding a lantern similar to this lantern for additional light and style.

Pass The Salt

You will hear that more than once in a crowd. Salt and pepper shakers do not have to be boring! Add elegant coastal freshness to your table by including ocean reel, silver crab, or sea turtle shakers. These are not only elegant, but they would also make great conversation starters!

Delight The Kids, Too!

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Will you be having a kid’s table as well as an adult table? One of the best things about a kid’s table is that you can relax the decor rules and make it fun. Imagine their delight if they could dish up their salad from a crab salad bowl and a crab serving set or if they can spoon their stuffing from a sea turtle bowl.

You could even take it up a notch by offering a fun game as a placemat, and offer crayons with the forks.

Thanksgiving is about creating memories with loved ones. As they say, the hostess sets the tone for the meal. Create your tablescape to reflect your style and have fun with it. If you do, everyone else is sure to as well.

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