Your Quick Guide to Cottage Style Furniture

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow

There are many different types of cottage-style furniture that can be used to create a cozy and inviting home. While the look may vary slightly depending on the pieces you choose, there are a few key characteristics that all cottage-style furniture share; it embodies casual comforts and simple charms and has been around for ages. While this unique home style is not going away soon, it’s essential to find the right cottage-style furniture to match your home and preferences.

Cottage furniture has to feel it. The best furniture ought to be comfy – think of upholstered furniture made of wood with snuggly throw pillows and comfortable down-filled cushions.

Tips for Choosing Cottage Style Furniture

Here is our guide on finding the right cottage style furniture for your home.

Create Comfortable Seating with a Cozy Sofa

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow


One of the staples of cottage style furniture is the cozy sofa. This comfortable piece of furniture can be used to create a relaxing space in any room, and it’s perfect for taking a break after a long day.

When choosing a sofa for your cottage home, look for one that is upholstered in a soft fabric with plenty of cushions. A cozy sofa will be perfect for lounging on, and it will help to create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

If you’re looking for a sofa that will perfectly reflect your cottage style, consider choosing one with simple lines and curves. A traditional sofa can be too ornate for a cottage home, so opt for something more simple and understated. You can also choose to go with bright white sofa for a clean and modern look, or select a sofa that features layers of pillows for added comfort.

For extra seating in your cottage home, consider adding an upholstered armchair as well. These cozy chairs are perfect for curling up in after a long day, and they can help to create an inviting atmosphere in any room. When choosing an armchair for your cottage home, look for one that is plush and comfortable; you may even want to invest in two!

Add Storage with a Cottage-Style Dresser

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow

Palm Beach Dresser

If you’re looking for some extra storage in your cottage home, a dresser is the perfect solution. This handy piece of furniture can be used to store everything from clothes to blankets, and it can help to keep your home organized and tidy.

When choosing a dresser for your cottage home, look for one that has simple lines and curves. A dresser with complicated features would be too showy for a cottage style home, therefore go for something more subtle instead. You can also choose to go with a light colored wood or a natural finish to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. For a conversation starter and to add a pop of color to the space, consider choosing a colorful dresser. We love the subtle, yet vibrant colors of Cotton Candy,  Jelly Bean Green, and Creme Brûlée.

In addition, be sure to choose a dresser that has plenty of storage space. This will come in handy for storing all of your belongings, and it will help to keep your home tidy and organized. A dresser with multiple drawers is perfect for this, and it can help you to stay organized no matter how much stuff you have.

Get Creative with Side Chairs

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow


Side chairs are highly versatile pieces of furniture can be used in any room, and they come in a variety of different styles. When choosing side chairs for your cottage home, look for ones that have simple designs and light colors. You can also choose to go with a traditional chair with wicker accents, or select an upholstered chair with a plush fabric. Whatever style you choose, be sure that the chairs are comfortable and inviting.

You can use side chairs to create a cozy seating area in any room, or you can use them to accent a larger piece of furniture like a sofa or bed. They add a vintage classic touch to your dining table and living space. In addition, side chairs can be used as a decoration in your home even when you’re not using them.

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Ground the Space with Solid Wood Tables

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow

Wrightsville Breakfast Dining Table

The warmth, richness, and comfort that solid wood furniture adds to a cottage home is nearly impossible to replicate through mass-manufactured or composite pieces. In addition to comfort, elegance, and durability, solid wood furniture can be a grounding force in your home.

Dining room tables, end tables, breakfast tables, coffee tables, beach sofas tables, and even computer desks can be made of solid wood, and each has a unique way of contributing to the overall design scheme of a cottage home.

When choosing tables for your cottage home, look for ones that are simple in design and crafted from sustainably grown timbers . You can also choose to go with a rustic look, or select a table with carved details. In addition, be sure to select a color that will complement the other furniture in your home.

Solid wood tables are the perfect way to ground a cottage-style space. They are comfortable, elegant, and durable, and can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

Here at Cottage & Bungalow, virtually all of our cottage table sets are built by skilled craftsmen – using time-honored techniques for a durable and elegant table set that will last a lifetime.

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Flatter Your Home with Floor-to-Ceiling Book Shelves

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow


In the age of digital book reading, the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf has been forgotten by many. However, in a cottage home, where cozy nooks and soft furnishings abound, the design of these shelves cannot be underestimated. In any living or dining room, a cabinetry bookshelf can provide you with an opportunity to create a space that is uniquely yours – while also creating some much-needed display storage for all your family heirlooms and favorite novels.

When choosing a bookcase for your cottage home, look for one that has open shelving spaces so you can put plenty of knickknacks on display. You can also choose to go with something rustic and wooden or select something with iron detailing or wicker accents. Be sure to select a color and style that will complement the other furniture in your home.

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is the perfect way to add some extra storage and personality to your cottage home. These shelves are versatile and can be used in any room, and they come in a variety of different styles and colors.

Add Hand Painted Pieces for Visual Flair

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow

Avon Medium Decorated Chest

The cottage design style is generally romantic and elegant, emphasizing craftsmanship and detail. Look for new or vintage accents with hand-painted details to give your cottage home a little more visual flair.

Hand-painted furniture is a stylish way to add personality and uniqueness to your home. Whether you choose to invest in a vintage trunk with intricate wooden detailing or a hand-painted cabinet for your kitchen, these items will be a beautiful addition to any cottage home.

Distressed Furniture is Stress Free

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalowsource

Cottage homes often include furniture that may have been handed down from generation to generation. Those well-loved pieces are a cornerstone look for cottage-style furniture. This type of furniture has a rustic aesthetic and can include pieces such as tables, chairs, beds and even through architectural details.

When shopping for distressed furniture, keep in mind that each piece will be unique. So, if you’re looking for uniformity, this may not be the right style for you. However, if you’re okay with a bit of inconsistency, then this may be the perfect look for your cottage home.

Distressing furniture is a great way to add personality and create an ambiance of comfort and relaxation. To distress your furniture, follow these simple steps:

  1. Use sandpaper – This can be found at any hardware store and typically ranges in quality from medium to fine, with the latter used for finer finishing touches. You can also use steel wool or even a cheese grater for this task! Be sure to wear rubber gloves so you don’t wear down your hands while doing this step. For smaller details, you can also use x-acto knives or wood chisels.
  2. Rub the distressed area with alcohol – Wipe it down with a rag dipped in rubbing alcohol to lift off some of that excess stain and reveal the wood underneath.
  3. Apply a dark wax – This will create a richer color and add to the distressed look. You can find dark wax at most home improvement stores.
  4. Buff it off – Use a soft cloth to buff the wax until it’s fully dry and the desired finish is achieved.

You can also distress furniture with paint for a slightly different look. Try using light and dark colors to create an antique effect, or use a crackle finish for an extra rustic feel.

Be Bold with Your  Bed Frame

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow


Your bedroom is one place where you can best express your creative inner self. And there are many styles to go with different tastes and preferences – you can choose from metal frames,  carved wood frames, day beds, large beds, sofa beds, romantic four-posters, and more. The bed should make a statement with an extra layering of cushions and throws.

A cottage is typically all about the exposed beams, low ceilings, small windows, and slowing ceilings. For cottage bedrooms furniture, less is more, and most people often prefer antique, simple, and classic. However, this does not mean that the urban, contemporary furniture styles are less appealing.

To choose the perfect bed frame for your needs, consider its size and dimensions – before making any purchase. A twin-sized bed will be best for kids’ bedrooms or guest rooms; while a queen-sized bed will fit perfectly into most master suites (and even some smaller spare bedrooms). In addition, look at different storage options such as drawers and cupboards that can help make room for extra linens – and even some pillows and throw blankets for extra comfort.

If you’re looking to invest in a new headboard, be sure to choose something that matches your bed frame. You may even want to consider investing in two-piece matching sets – one on the headboard and another on the footboard. For additional storage space, look at bunk beds with built-in drawers underneath.

Blue Furniture is Always On-Trend

cottage style furniture | cottage & bungalow

Cape Island Nightstand

Blue furniture is a great way to add a touch of color to any cottage home. It can create a feeling of tranquility and relaxation, making it the perfect choice for bedrooms and living rooms.

When shopping for blue furniture, be sure to choose pieces that are light in color. This will give your cottage home the desired airy and bright feel. Dark blues can often appear too formal and can be overwhelming in small spaces. In addition, look for furniture with distressed details to add to the rustic charm of your cottage home.

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Now that you’ve explored some easy ideas for cottage style furniture, let’s take a look at a few cottage styles to inspire!

Four Coastal Looks to Inspire Your Cottage Style

Not all cottage styles are created equal. Here in the United States, there are many distinct cottage styles and each revolves around a different part of the country. Each style is quaint and pretty and typically reflects life in the surrounding community and the natural elements available. Distressed and weathered finishes are common throughout. Decorating in the cottage style allows you to highlight your found treasures. Refurbished, reclaimed and repurposed are a must.

Here are design styles from around the U.S. to help inspire you; The Nantucket Cottage, The Low Country Cottage, The New Orleans Cottage, and The Key West Cottage.

The Nantucket Cottage

cottage style decor - nantucket
Source: Country Living

Nantucket, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, has long been an inspiration for anyone trying to accomplish an intimate coastal look in their home. Nantucket is known as a beachy retreat for New England Residents, and the Nantucket cottage style showcases the calm retreat they are seeking.

This is clearly outlined in the more subdued color palettes you see in Nantucket coastal cottages. Warm browns, sun-bleached whites, foggy gray blues, and berry reds sweep across these cottage walls. Typical accents you will see throughout Nantucket, include lighthouses, boats, and nautical highlights. Plush cable-knit throws, brick fireplaces and exposed sand-worn woods all speak to the seasonal beach locale and are part of what make the style so unique.

If you’re looking for more Nantucket Style decorating ideas, check out these related blog posts: Nantucket Style Home Decor Ideas for Your Beach Home and Nantucket Coastal Style.

The Low Country Cottage

Cottage and Bungalow, Low Country Bed Swing with Sides

Low country is another excellent option to consider and many inspiring looks can be found along the southern coasts.

The low country cottage is all about casual, comfortable, easy living, and that is reflected in the decor. White washed walls, and wide-plank wood floors make up the canvas. Outdoor living is essential in a low country cottage, with porches acting like any other living space and an effortless congruence of bringing the outdoors in, and vice versa. Furnishings and accents span the spectrum of browns from sandy tans to rich chocolates. The low country look also features lots of floral accents and foliage throughout the home.

Find more low country cottage decor ideas in these posts: Add a Touch of the Low Country with Sweetgrass Baskets and Draw the Lowcountry Indoors with Coastal Chandeliers.

The New Orleans Cottage

cottage style decor - new orleans
Source: Architectural Digest

New Orleans is not only home to the French Quarter and Mardi Gras, but it also features one of the country’s most dynamic cottage styles. If you want to decorate cottage style, you would be remiss to not consider the remarkable taste and texture that can be accomplished with New Orleans cottage decor. A blending of styles from French Country to Creole, every New Orleans cottage has a unique look and feel.

Opulent fabrics, eclectic furnishings, charming lighting, and inspired artwork are hallmarks of this romantic style of cottage. You’ll find brick and wrought iron throughout the city, along with both painted and rustic furnishings. New Orleans is a city that is full of energy, which helps to punctuate these diverse, neo-classical cottages.

The Key West Cottage

decorate cottage style - key west
Source: Mary-Bryan Peyer Designs Inc.

Key West Cottages are the ultimate casual beach bungalow and the best possible inspiration sources if you want to decorate cottage style, while also creating a tropical getaway. Key West is all about relaxation and creativity in a sand and sun kind of way.

Key West style is a lot of fun to create because color rules. Paint your walls in fun bright blues, greens, pinks, and yellows. Natural elements such as bamboo and rattan are the best way to tie it all together. Lush foliage, seashells, and coral sculptures are all classic go-to’s. Art can be tranquil and beachy or fun and funky which is what is so great about the Key West style. This cottage style can be as cool as you want, making it very easy to decorate cottage style.

There’s no doubt about it if you want to decorate cottage style, your options for inspiration are endless. The greatest quality of cottage style is that the looks are versatile and dynamic, and comforting and quirky at the same time. From beachy bungalows to French and fabulous, cottage style is the one of the most sought out styles across the U.S. Which one is your favorite?

Have Designing Your Home With Cottage Style Furniture!

Finally, do not forget to have fun decorating your cottage home! Add artwork and accessories to complete the look. The best thing about cottage home styles is that most styles blend well. Thus, you can customize a comfy home to your liking and unique feel. Use our ideas, but do not forget to be open-minded, simplistic, and explorative.

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