5 Easy Steps for a Simple DIY Tote Bag

Tote bags are chic, stylish, and have a lot of space. Tote bags are made have unique patterns and colors. It is easy to fit your essentials for the day without the bag looking over-packed. Making a tote bag is an easy process that is not time-consuming. You can make a tote bag from scratch in one hour or thirty minutes depending on your sewing skills. We will show you how!

Simple DIY Tote Steps

The Essentials

1. Gather Your Materials

You will need a heavy fabric which should be (roughly) a ½ yard. Find a fun material like denim or canvas.  The fabric needs an inner lining of the same size. A lining is a lightweight material that is used for finishing the inside of the bag. The tote bag will need handles that are made from 2 yards of fabric. Find a bold color the will enhance the look of the bag. Finally, you need 110 yards of cotton thread matching the heavy fabric.

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2. Take Measurements

The standard measurement for a tote bag is 14 ½ inches tall by 15 ½ inches wide by 4 inches’ depth. The handle is usually 14 inches. The outside pocket is usually half the size of the bag.


3. Make Your Cuts

Cut out the rectangles for the bag, the lining and the handles.  Add two inches on each side from the above measurements.

4. Sew the Top

Fold about 1 ½ inches of the top edge of one rectangle inwardly, that is towards the wrong side of the fabric. Repeat the same to the other rectangle. There should be a visible crease at the folded edge. Place the handle under the crease 3 inches from the center on each side. Turn the handle to face upright and sew the top edge.

5. Sew the Remaining Pieces

Take the two pieces with the finished two sides and fold each piece in half.  Fold a triangle on the bottom side of each and place the seams of both halves together. Cut 2 inches of the top of the triangle and sew together the seams. That is sewing the right front seam and the right back seam together and so on.  Once the bag is done, attach the pocket to the side.

These are the easy steps to a simple DIY tote bag. The cutting part is a bit challenging so feel free to use markers to mark the measurements and pins to hold the fabric.

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