Magnificent Seaside Stained Glass

If there is one thing that really reminds people of a cottage vacation near the shore, it’s seaside stained glass. You may have a few stained glass knick knacks in your home already that evoke those fond images. Cottage & Bungalow can provide your home with magnificent Seaside Stained Glass windows and fireplace screens that will look beautiful in your exceptional coastal or lakeside cottage or bungalow home. Each piece is made by master craftsman as a “one of a kind” work of art.

Butterfly Fireplace Screen

Made in the tradition of Tiffany craftsmanship, this beautiful stained glass fireplace screen has the image of a butterfly hovering delicately at the top of the front panel as the florals create a stunning counterpoint.

Dolphin Dance Windowlight

Who doesn’t love dolphins? This timeless Dolphin Dance Windowlight will look perfect in any seaside cottage or vacation home.

Sea Jewels Pendant

A Sea Jewels Pendant fits right in over your kitchen table or in the foyer area.

If you want to see more wonderful Seaside Stainless Glass pieces, visit Cottage and Bungalow.

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