How to Make a Luxurious Bed In Your Cottage Bedroom

how to make a luxurious bed in your cottage bedroom

Fall is here and with it, shorter days and chillier evenings. When people think of coastal décor, it may conjure up images of summer, however when the temperature drops, our nesting instincts kick into overdrive — and our bed slowly becomes that warm cocoon the beckons us to take those long afternoon naps or sleep in just a little bit more. There is no greater place for curling up with a cup of cocoa and a really good book, than in a luxurious bed in your cottage bedroom.

how to make a luxurious bed in your cottage bedroom

Here are a few of our favorite ways create that cozy bed for fall.

Luxury in a Cottage Bedroom

You should start with a medium to firm bed from our selection to protect your back, and then add a mattress cover and perfectly cushioned pillows. For some people, the more pillows the better, but you want to make sure your primary sleeping pillow is appropriate for your sleeping style. Are you a side sleeper for example? If so, you’ll want a pillow with a bit more firmness. If you’re a back sleeper, a thinner one will work. Either way, this article from the National Sleep Foundation may offer some insight on choosing the best pillow.

Next, it’s time to explore textiles. From hand-picked sheet sets to finishing touches with decorative pillows, exude sumptuousness with exquisite layered fabrics. This is where a truly decadent sleeping experience will evolve. Becoming enveloped in soft, cozy fabrics is what takes sleeping from a necessity to a opulence.

The layers you need to make your bed luxurious and cozy:


cottage bedroom - sheets

Cotton, the most popular material for sheets, is a great choice for any climate because it both traps heat and lets cool air pass through in summer. Thread count- the number of threads in 1 square inch of fabric – can make a difference as well, and our preference for a soft sleep is to opt for 400 count or higher. Though, a higher thread count from lower-quality cotton blend is not necessarily better. Most people like to use a fitted sheets that flip right over the mattress for convenience. For a tight, crisp, well-made look you can use a flat sheet and tuck the bottoms in and fold the top over to create the hospital corners look. Follow these instructions from the Rachel Ray Show for the unkempt look.

Duvet Cover

cottage bedroom duvet cover

A duvet cover, also called a comforter cover, is quite simply what a pillowcase is to a pillow. A duvet cover is easier to be kept laundered than a standard comforter, because they can be removed and washed along with your sheets and pillowcases. Moreover,  a duvet cover is perfect for a quick and easy room revamp – update your colors depending on the season, or your mood. A duvet cover with matching shams really puts the finishing touches on a coordinated look. For the extra fluffy look like you see in store window displays, put two inserts in your duvet cover.

Quilt or Throw

luxurious bed cottage bedroom throw

Duvet covers are very pretty by themselves, but a quilt or throw with contrasting color layered on top of that or at the end of the bed can polish the look and add texture. Adding layers to your bed can provide extra warmth on those cold nights. If your top layer has a contrasting pattern on the reverse side, you should fold it over to show it off.


luxurious bed cottage bedroom pillows

For a heavenly bed, use a mix of bed pillows and decorative pillows. The more the better….to a point. Don’t overdo it. A good rule of thumb is about 5 pillows on the bed. If it is a guest bed, have a variety of pillows available for your guests to choose from like a down/feather pillow and an alternative. Decorative pillows elegantly pull together the look when they are mixed-and-matched with sheet sets and bed covers. One may have a more subdued design style when it comes to bedding accents, a decorative pillow is where it’s easy to let some personality show through.

Closing Things Out on Your Luxury Cottage Bedroom

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