High Point Trends

The style spotters in the market resource guide tell us there are a lot of new trends in the market. The raw beauty of wood is in. Furniture makers are getting creative with wood and showing off their grains with new contrasts. Just look at what the craftsmen have done to this pecky cypress chests.

Cypress Chess Altered

Rich hues and pops of color are in, but to us sea dwellers, it never went out of style. In fact, it probably never will because it reflects our optimism that living on the coast brings. We know that colorful accent pillows and rugs underfoot can change the look of a room for not-so-much money.

bedding color

Minerals and mixing materials are in: agates, geodes, coral, oyster shells, mother of pearl. Just walk a mile of beach, and you know there is so much beauty to be found. You can walk the beach in the morning and treasures abound — I am still in search of that perfect sand dollar. These treasures are now being incorporated into furniture and home décor.

Seaglass Table Lamp

Hand-made and imperfect. Just take a look at our Indochine collection. This collection reflects this. No chair is made the same because they are all handmade. You may even buy two of the same chair but the height may be a little off or the stain vary slightly because each reed is different. Don’t be alarmed!

Indochine side table

These pieces are made of a once-living material, it isn’t perfect, but that is what is so wonderful about them.

indochine chair - Dying art of weaving & bending reeds that go into the back of the chair. Hand made painstaking process. If not passed on, in a generation these chairs will no longer be made.

That wraps it up. We will see you after the Atlanta market in July!

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