Lighting to Love – Our Top Picks for Brightening Up Winter Days

A well-lit home is an essential part of achieving a comfortable and relaxing living space, especially during the dark winter months when sunlight is limited.

Lighting is important. It sets the tone of a room and how we feel in it. Are we going to be productive today? Relaxed? Laid-back? A home is full of texture, tone, and style but the right lighting – in the right space – will illuminate just what the home encompasses.

Here at Cottage and Bungalow, we offer a wide range of lighting fixtures from table lamps and wall lanterns to the most grandiose of chandeliers.

Let’s explore how to choose the right lighting for the home, then take a look at this collection of some of our favorite coastal lighting fixtures we’ve put together to inspire an enlightened space.

Lighting Fixtures for Home – How to Choose

Bathroom And Vanity

how to choose the right lamp
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The smaller space of a bathroom may limit lighting choices, however, there is still plenty of opportunities to incorporate stylish fixtures. Light up your space with a vanity light bar, ceiling lights, classic sconces or pendant lighting, or when space allows, a small table lamps.  Don’t skimp on the luminescence either. You will want it bright enough to put on make-up and style your hair. Consider dimmable lights especially if you have a large bathtub that gets used often for relaxation in lower, ambient lighting. Your lighting is there to help you feel good every time you look into the mirror.

Some rules of thumb when choosing bathroom lighting:

  • Consider the finish and how it coordinates with your existing faucets, drawer pulls, etc.
  • Bulbs are important too! For example, never use exposed bulbs, consider fluorescent and LED lighting because they emit much less heat than incandescent lighting, last longer and save energy, they are ideal for bathrooms.
  • Be sure the finish can withstand the humidity of the shower. Nothing too delicate.

Halls And Stairways 

how to choose the right lamp
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The accident zone. Hallways and stairs don’t have the luxury of having many windows that allow for natural light. If they do have a window or two, they are often not sufficient enough to light the way and these space often warrant additional lighting. Since many mishaps occur in one of these two spaces, it is important that the area is well lit. Close-to-ceiling fixtures and wall sconces are your best bet as they give great lighting but are also out of harm’s way.

Hallway sconces are generally be spaced about 8 feet to 10 feet apart and should be placed so that a given wall sconce on one wall is facing the area between two on the opposing wall. As far as the height from the floor, generally wall sconces are installed at a height of 66 inches to 72 inches, obviously larger rooms such as those with vaulted ceilings can take a higher placement.

The Foyer 

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This is where the drama happens because it is the first area your guest will see walking into your house. To give that homely yet still elegant feel, the best type of lamp to use here is something hanging and decorative such as a chandelier. Classic chandeliers come in all sorts of sparkles and can fit into a variety of styles from modern, cottage and traditional, too.

When exploring foyer lighting, choose a fixture that’s proportional to the space of the entryway. If your entryway has 75 square feet of space or more, for example, look for a chandelier with a diameter of at least 12″ to 18″. On the other hand, if you have a smaller entryway, you’ll want a smaller fixture, unless you want it to serve as a focal point.

Living Areas

how to choose the right lamp

The lamps in these areas really depend on the type of atmosphere you want to set. Think private master bedroom vs. an upbeat family space. For a bedroom, a classic coastal table lamp option with low lighting is a better idea as brightness is not necessary. Going for neutral lampshades also sets a tone of comfort and tranquility. A bustling living room would do better with bright lamps that add more color and warmth.

To determine the best size lamp for your living area, measure the side tables. Typically end tables are 25 to 30 inches tall, and the seat of a sofa usually is about 19 inches from the floor –so consider these measurements when choosing your lamp. The top of the lamp should be within 58 to 64 inches when measured from the floor. Be sure the table lamp you choose is proportional to the area on the top of the side table, and be sure to choose a lamp that also leaves space for additional items on top of the side table.

The Kitchen

how to choose the right lamp
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This is most often the hub of the house. Adequate lighting is necessary since a variety of tasks are performed here like cooking delicious meals, homework, or just sitting with a hot cup of coffee and reading. Consider a hanging coastal pendant light for a breakfast nook, a rectangular coastal chandelier, or a cluster of pendants for an island, and under-cabinet lighting for ambiance.

For our coastal lighting suggestions, take a peek at some of our favorites below.

Coastal Lighting to Love

Beach Home Table Lamps 

We curated a collection of coastal table lamps to create an exceptionally attractive design element that does so much more than illuminate an area in your living room or bedroom. Add an elegant yet whimsical design addition to your interior space that will look perfectly at home in any beach house, coastal cottage, or intimate country home. 

Easton Lamp in Aqua

The color of the Easton Glass Lamp in Aqua mirror the waters off the coast of Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic. The lamp is elegant and graceful and sits on an acrylic base. Topped with an ivory linen shade.

Graham Lamp

Box design iron table lamp features a reptile-like pattern in a natural iron finish with antique brass edges atop a black marble base. Topped with a black rectangular-shaped shade with dark silver sheer lining and matching square shaped finial. 

Crystal Orb Mini Sphere Table Lamp

The base is a perfect round crystal orb that reflects all of its surroundings. Pristine, elegant, and simple with polished nickel stemware and a crisp white linen shade. Looks beautiful when paired and balanced at two ends of a console table. 

Dax Wood Table Lamp

The Dax Table Lamp is made from wood with carved palm fronds and white washed.

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Coastal Chandeliers 

Beaded Turquoise Chandelier

The Beaded Turquoise Chandelier is stunning in a foyer, living room, or dining room. Made from iron and turquoise beads, this chandelier adds an elegant vintage illumination to your space. The faux drip candle accents complement the look. 

Gigi Beaded Chandelier

Stunning. The luxe white quartz nuggets give a cool vibe and evoke strong emotion with the contrasting gold leaf iron chandelier. This nugget beaded chandelier is truly a statement piece for your foyer, living room or dining room. Custom made by artisans in the US.

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Boom-Arm Sconce

The Boom-Arm Sconce is fun and funky and gives task lighting a modern twist. How liberating! This grandly scaled boom-arm sconce provides illumination where you need it without taking up floor or table space. Talk about industrial details — its mesh-screen shade adds a touch of modern chic to the mix.

Copper Cone Sconce Pendant Light

Talent of Lowcountry artists have been nurtured to create what has become a unique line of artisanal lighting. Using natural materials like marsh reeds, old metals, driftwood and an unusual indigenous type of translucent oyster shell, they have crafted a collection of lighting capturing the essence and spirit of the region.

Coastal Pendant Lighting 

Clifton Pendant Light

A lightly weathered French Black finish adds a chic industrial feel to the Clifton Pendant’s simple wrought iron frame. Its lantern-like styling features glass panes to balance its linear borders — the Lillian August Collection.

Padma Pendant Light

Boho simplicity at its finest – this single pendant goes as natural in rattan. The steel canopy and pipe are finished in antique brass to offer a sense of balance and sophistication. 

Ofelia Chandelier

Our new Ofelia Chandelier offers contemporary style lighting for your exceptional bungalow. Features elegantly twisted brass metal. The orb is both modern and casual. It comes in three sizes for your lighting needs.

Parker Pendant Light

The lively color of Red makes this intriguing wire design pop out from its surroundings. The Parker Pendant Light illustrates the sophisticated use of simple wire that captures the appeal of classical shapes, but also complements the red white and blue nautical theme of your exceptional coastal home!

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Handcrafted Lanterns

Large Oval 2-Lite Wall Sconce

A beautifully designed and handcrafted, top quality, solid brass wall sconce. Made in the United States. UL listed, wall mount installation only.

Livery Lantern

Our Livery Lantern offers you a sampling from past London times. This fixture(pictured in antique copper with (1) 75-watt medium base socket and chimney and an optional 7″ mercury reflector) is a wall mount fixture with a culvert top.All joints are securely soldered in place with precision and attention to detail. This fixture has been constructed with a door and tabs to make the removal and installation of the glass panels effortless if they need to be washed or replacement.

Appledore Collection Hanging Pendant Light

Available in five finishes, our Appledore Collection Hanging Pendant Light is a modern classic. Each is handmade in the USA on the New England coast as they have been for the last 20 years. These fixtures are solid brass or copper with a lifetime guarantee. All are UL listed. Pictured in Antique Copper.

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Floor Lamps

Arc Floor Lamp

The uniformed metallic base and shade of this adjustable floor lamp offer a sleek, modern installment for any room. Made of polished nickel, this floor lamp will help shed some light on your task at hand. It works as well in the den as it does in the corner of the living room or bedroom.

Norman Floor Lamp

The Norman floor lamp features a columnar clear glass tube that surrounds a steel metal neck. Finished in polished nickel and sits on a polished nickel square base. The shade is a white parchment drum and has a 3-way switch. Transitional and simple.

Terrace Floor Lamp

Organic, rattan wicker is just like the Caribbean in its style as it is sophisticated. The shade is made of natural, handwoven rattan, featuring double pull chains. The base and accents are crafted from stainless steel, finished in a warm antique brass that contrasts the whimsical silhouette. 

Marconi Spotlight

International maritime communication used Morse as the standard code until 1999. Every Navy vessel carried a variety of Morse code devices on board. The large light next to the wheelhouse on the bridge was the most spectacular and effective one. Handled by a specially trained sailor skilled in signals, it functioned as a ship-bound lighthouse, with the added ability to transmit highly detailed messages.

Our authentic model of the Marconi Spotlight made of polished aluminum, and solid brass dated back to the 1930s and was likely used on a French Navy battleship. By moving slatted louvers the signalman sent short and longer spaced rays of light that could be read by trained sailors in the distance.

Of course, lighting options are limitless, however, defining which room you’re hoping to light up, and how you will use it, will guide you to the right type of lamp and that will set up your room for decorative success!

Choose your favorite coastal lighting at Cottage and Bungalow. 

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