Elegant Coastal Decor: 5 Easy Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

elegant coastal decor

For an instant refresh of any space in your home, there’s nothing more impactful than adding a mirror.  Not only will a mirror create a focal point in your room, it will also make a space larger and more balanced. Beloved by designers around the world for their flare and versatility, mirrors the perfect accent piece. They very well may make each area of your home an Instagram-worthy one! 

elegant coastal decor

To create elegant coastal decor, we’re sharing tips and tricks on how you can decorate your home with mirrors. Take a look!

Elegant Coastal Decor – Making Mirrors the Star of The Room

1. As a Bathroom Accent

elegant coastal decor

No need to settle for a simple, unframed mirror in your sacred space! Our Handcrafted Driftwood Zuma Mirror will add drama and interest with a gorgeous layered 5” wide frame, handcrafted from natural driftwood harvested from the California coast.

2. To Make Your Room Look Larger

elegant coastal decor

When you’re working with a quaint space the trick to making it appear larger is to strategically place an oversized mirror. Like our Montauk Mirror  shown here in Key Lime Pie & Butter Pecan Trim. It’ll make your space as delicious as it sounds. 

3. To Jazz Up a Simple Space 

A neutral wall can easily be jazzed up with a colorful accent piece such as our Linville Mirror, or any mirror that incorporates a pop of color or texture. The Linville Mirror is a mix of colors in the interior and framed with the black forest finish and looks gorgeous in a living or family room.

4. In an Entry Way

A console table in an entryway is not complete without a mirror!  Our Crescent Beach Mirrorshown here in Cotton Candy, is a lovely welcoming color with a touch of texture.

5. For Minimalist Design

Looking for those clean lines with minimal distraction? Matching the color of the mirror to the color of your wall, is the a great idea for minimalism design. Pictured here is our Seaglass Mirror  in a gorgeous blue hue, evocative of the ocean waves.

If you’re looking for an easy way to evoke elegant coastal decor, look no further than adding mirrors to your space and be sure to explore the selection at Cottage & Bungalow! Shop Coastal Mirrors >>


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