Caring for your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Our customers choose teak outdoor furniture because they love the classic look and the fact that it is so hard wearing. You can put your teak furniture out on the patio at the beginning of the season and forget about it! However, we do recommend a little bit of maintenance to keep it looking its absolute best.

When you first get your teak furniture it will be a rich honey color and then slowly change to a silver gray. You can prevent the change in color by applying a teak color guard. This guard has pigment enhancers and special UV protection so the wood remains its original brown color.

You don’t have to treat your teak to keep it looking great. In fact many people prefer the soft gray patina that teak develops over time. Furniture that is allowed to “age gracefully” should be washed regularly with a hose and some gentle teak cleaner. This will inhibit potential staining from oils or the possibility of mold growth.


Teak Outdoor FurnitureThe Chelsea Oval Extension table from Cottage & Bungalow.

If you have any questions about the care of any garden & patio furniture from Cottage & Bungalow please just give us a call at 877-441-9222.  You can also leave a comment on the blog and we will respond right back.


  1. I love the look of teak furniture and was thinking about adding Adirondack chairs on my deck near the pool. If you do not treat the furniture, will the wood start to crack? This is what happened to a redwood set I had so now I am thinking teak might be a better choice.

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