Halloween Beach Home Decorating Ideas

Who says Halloween has to be scary? Ghouls and ghosts are great, but there is more that goes into decorating for Halloween, especially when you’re at the beach. Everyone loves a good shipwreck and we all know about “Davey Jones’ locker”, but sometimes when you want to go for an elegant, upscale look you need something a little different.

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We did some investigating and bring to you the latest trends in Halloween beach home decorating ideas. Add these touches of spectacular style to any room of your beach house for a Halloween transformation your friends and family will love.

Halloween Beach Home Decorating Ideas - Fall Mantel from NauticalCottageBlog.com

If you have a mantle in your beach house, that is the perfect place to create an eye-catching masterpiece. This adorable coastal mantel above from Sally Lee by the Sea was easily changed into a more festive area by adding in a few favorite beach items like shells, balsa wood, or a starfish or two. She also added a small pumpkin or gourd and some silk leaves for a pop of color.

Halloween Beach Home Decorating Ideas -Fall Wreath -Completely-Coastal.com

You can also create a stunning wreath by simply hot gluing shells and small dried starfish to a pre-made wreath like this one from Completely-Coastal.  Just tuck in a few brightly colored leaves and you have the perfect accent for any beach get-away.

Using gourds in Halloween decorating is an excellent way to incorporate a little bit of fall color to a smaller area. You don’t have to commit to using a huge pumpkin but you get the same effect. You can tuck gourds into just about any small space you can think of; on a counter top, on a bathroom shelf, or even as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Glass Gourd Collage - These glass gourds from Cottage and Bungalow are the perfect Halloween home decorating idea!

Using fresh gourds is nice. You can find them in just about any grocery store and they are usually affordably priced. We love to step things up a notch with beachy decor from Cottage & Bungalow. Made from Mercury glass, these gourds give your beach house that extra-special Halloween look. Start with our silver glass gourd and pair it with any of our other stunning colors such as yellow, green, or red. These original pieces of art will take your Halloween decorating from ordinary to extraordinary.

Halloween Beach Home Decorating Ideas - Sandy Beach Pumpkins from DIYNetwork

What would beach house Halloween decorating be without a little sand? Turn your ordinary pumpkin carving session into a beach party by keeping to a seaside theme like the pumpkins from DIY Network. Carve shells, ocean waves, or palm trees into your pumpkins. Next, brush them with mod podge and roll in sand. You’ll love the effect the sand gives to an ordinary pumpkin. In keeping with our sand theme, you can also use light shades of blue to paint beach-themed items onto your pumpkin, and then sprinkle lightly with sand. This is a great way to pair the beautiful texture of sand with a Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween Beach Home Decorating Ideas - Fall Porch from HomeStoriesAtoZ.com

You want your front door and entryway to be inviting but also showcase your creativity just like this beautiful fall porch from Home Stories A to Z. We suggest finding some old wooden crates and filling them with small pumpkins painted white and light blue. Finish the piece off with some beautiful fall-themed garland to tie it all together, and place the crate outside your door.

If you have stairs, you can carve a pumpkin for each step. Use beach themed pattern or scenes, and then add a candle to light up your artwork. This gives a warm, welcoming glow to your front porch and let’s people know you are definitely ready for Halloween.

We hope you find these Halloween beach home decorating ideas useful. Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know which beachy Halloween idea you liked the best.

Happy Decorating!

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